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Yoga Swing Installation Guide

Yoga Swing Installation Guide

Looking at how to do guide for your Yoga swing installation? Yoga swings seem to be all the talk around town and everyone passionate about yoga seems to be eager to purchase one and get to try the aerial experience as well. However, yoga swings are no ordinary business. The first time I got one i had absolutely no idea what to do with it, how to put it up or how to make sure that I have done a good job.

So if you are in over your head with your newly purchased yoga swing then keep on reading to learn a few tips and tricks on how to do it best, in a safe and easy manner! After all, yoga swing installation does not have to be a big deal, especially if you have spent a good deal of money to get the best yoga sling on the market!

What You Need?

Well, that first thing you need is a yoga swing. Because without one this discussion is really pointless. Once you have purchased your hammock you can go ahead and open up the package and see what you got.

However. There is one piece of advice that you should keep in mind and apply even before making a purchase and installing a yoga trapeze on your ceiling.

You need to consider the fact that not every yoga swing manufacturer includes all the yoga swing installation accessories in the pack.

Given the fact that not all yoga swings come ready for installation, you should do your research and first decide what type of a product you should buy.

In other words, you need to make up your mind whether to get a swing that already comes with all the bits and pieces it needs to be mounted.

Or if you can tackle this installation issue on your own and are willing to separately purchase all the other pieces.

Now That You Have Made A Purchase

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Well! now that you have made a purchase and have the package in front of you, all that is left for you to do is open it up and see what’s inside.

Regardless of the items you did or did not get, one thing is clear: in order to be able to install this piece of equipment you need to have some kind of a support system.

You can either hang it from an exposed beam in your house, from a doorframe or even outside from a tree or something similar.

The bottom line is that you certainly need a place where to hang the sling from.

However. If you don’t have such a place already available, you can look for a swing that has its own support system.

There are plenty of companies that manufacture hammocks that have their own stands. You can actually read a omni gym omni swing review ad see how they look like.

Extra Accessories

If you have decided to get a swig that does not include all the accessories? it requires installation then you should make sure to get these missing pieces from the same manufacturer.

This way. The risk of them not fitting together is a lot smaller and you basically get some kind of a guarantee that everything will not only fit perfectly, but also last longer.

Installation Instructions

One thing you should not ignore are the installation instructions. You should read every word carefully and make sure that you do not skip any steps in the process.

If these instructions seem unclear or they are giving you a hard time. Don’t hesitate to ask someone with more experience for advice or you can even contact the manufacturer for help.

In any case, you should not improvise in no circumstances and, if you are left with extra pieces, I suggest that you do not use the swig until an expert takes a look at it.

Safety Precautions

When it comes to yoga swings. Safety should always be a priority. It might not seem like a big deal. But a yoga sling is nothing but a sporting equipment.

Imagine that you will be suspended upside down with no contact with the ground and that alone could lead to really unpleasant accidents.

So make sure that you take every measure of precaution possible. Starting with checking the beam you are working with and seeing how much weight it can hold.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that installing a yoga swing is no easy task. You need to take into account more than a few things and make sure that you have all the right tools and accessories in order to perform a decent job.

My advice to you would be to do your research and see exactly how other people have done it. If you are still unsure and have no idea how to proceed.

You should certainly ask for help, at least online. However. You should know that, just like with many other things, if you do it right at least once. You will quickly learn how to deal with the installation.

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