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There are many online yoga teacher training schools selling online yoga teacher courses. Many have an excellent reputation. Others, however! do not. It is worth showing restraint and taking your time finding an online yoga school that will give you the best training while also giving you access to the biggest audience once you are accredited.

More people are working from home since the global lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic than ever before. Many have lost their source income entirely. And find themselves on government assistance for the first time in their lives. These unprecedented circumstances have also had impacts on the way we care for our health. For instance, it has seen a dramatic increase in people moving to a plant-based diet and paying more attention to their food by being forced to eat from home more often.

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Another lifestyle challenge has been the extended closures of sporting facilities and healthcare clubs like yoga studios and gyms, forcing people to find new ways in which to take care of their physical well being, online yoga being one of them.

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Just as the pandemic has led to a rise in home offices, so has it led to an increase in home gym setups, callisthenics and bodyweight type exercises, HIIT, and people reinvigorating or pursuing a regular yoga practice.

As far as yoga is concerned, for many, this will be the first time they have delved into a regular yoga practice, leaving some to wonder why they hadn’t taken it up sooner. Especially after they begin to see results and reap the many benefits of yoga.

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There is also the added appeal of not having to invest in a vast arsenal of expensive workout equipment. With the use of basic aids, most people can perform reasonably advanced yoga positions in a relatively short amount of time with regular practice in their own living room.

Most yoga equipment can be purchased online at an affordable price and delivered straight to your door. All you need for a basic home yoga studio set up are some compact and easy to store items like:

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Even Without Any Yoga Equipment

Even without any yoga equipment, it is still possible to perform a comprehensive yoga practice with nothing but your body and breath.

With the yoga studios closed, the internet has become the new ashram of the online yoga world. There are countless yoga programs and guided sessions on streaming services like YouTube and Vimeo.

The industry shows no sign of slowing. As more individuals delve into the world of online yoga, many people who are benefiting from their new practice are also recognizing more and more opportunities to teach yoga online themselves.

There is a cavalcade of schools from all around the world offering courses that will allow yoga practitioners to set up their own online yoga schools and supplement or replace their income while they are stuck in isolation offering a fresh approach to making a living from their laptops and PCs.

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Online yoga teaching can offer an exciting and rewarding new lifestyle. The sheer volume of online content and schools providing different types of online yoga teacher training, however, would be daunting for the even most seasoned interweb investigators.

If you have just found or rediscovered a passion for yoga amid the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, then you may be considering a career as an online yoga teacher. 

This can take you on quite a journey, and it is vital that you do some in-depth investigation, as well as asking yourself some questions before committing to a school and curriculum, like what kind of yoga you want to teach, and to what depth you intend to teach it.

Different Types of Yoga

If you are new to regular yoga practice, then you may have not considered all of your options as to which style or tradition of yoga is best suited to you.

Some teachers offer different types of yoga at any given class, and others sometimes combine different yoga modalities into a single session. It is suggested that you spend some time online trying different types of yoga to find which one best fits your goals and your personality.

Hot yoga like Bikram is hard to teach online due to the need for a specially adapted room or studio that can seal in the heat and reach optimal temperatures for the practice. This is probably not as sustainable as an online teaching option.

There are many more options, however, and there are too many types of yoga in this day and age to cover in this piece. Still, there are some more traditional types of yoga you are likely to find in a credible school’s curriculum.

It is worth familiarizing yourself with these common types of yoga practice and experimenting with online videos and content before you commit to the first system that appeals to you.

They will all differ slightly in style and intensity. You need to ensure that you are not just enjoying teaching your style of yoga, but are also inspired to develop your own yoga practice and continually evolve yourself. Like water, your yoga will become stagnant if it doesn’t flow naturally.

What to Look For With Online Yoga Teacher Training!

There are plenty of reviews online to help you find courses that not only have a good reputation but also give you an internationally recognized qualification.

The greatest benefit of teaching online yoga is having access to a global market. This not only provides you with a massive potential client base but also allows you to interact with people from all over the world, pushing your comfort zones and brightening up your life with culture.

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How Long Does it tTake to Gain Accreditation?

Many factors could influence the length of your yoga course. It depends on the style of yoga you are studying and the depth of the curriculum. You may even find some schools have different levels of accreditation you can undertake.

Online courses tend to be around 200-hours; however, some may take as long as 500-hours or more to complete. The most important thing is to make sure you are studying a form of yoga that you feel connected to and intend to continue to practice throughout your life.

Without having a deep connection to your yoga practice, your teaching will come across disingenuine, and this will show in your lessons. Passing on a skill to others is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Make sure your online yoga teacher training school is registered

It can be easy to get carried away when you decide to become an online yoga teacher. A bold new adventure, independence, dreaming about your lesson plans and how you can touch people’s lives with your passion for yoga.

It is important to keep some pragmatism when going over your options, however, as you need to make sure your money is being invested in a school that can provide you with the optimal chance of success in your new venture.

The extra money you spend with a reputable yoga school now could pay big dividends down the track when that school’s crest is on your certificate. 

Most schools worth your time and money investing in are more than often registered with an internationally governing body like Yoga Alliance. 

Such organisations exist to ensure a certain standard of practice is adhered to by industry professionals, and the more diligent potential client may be looking for this when they come across your page or website.

What does an online yoga teacher earn?

As with any industry, a professional’s pay-rate is often determined by the person’s personal level of experience, their span of knowledge across the subjects and their level of expertise in passing this knowledge onto others successfully.

According to the data specialists at, the average online yoga teacher can earn around $25-per hour of tuition. have listed the median salary for all yoga instructors to be approximately $39,000 per-year in 2020.

This is Only a Rule of Thumb

This is only a rule of thumb, however, and a short online search will find some teachers charging as little as $12-$15 per hour, while other more experienced teachers with a solid reputation could be charging as much as $60 or more per hour for a one on one yoga session.

Quite often these days, as technology and internet speeds have improved globally, teachers have been able to offer online group classes as a way of producing more of a community of yoga practitioners rather than just having one student at a time.

These types of lessons are usually considerably cheaper than one-on-one tuition. They can be a great way of diversifying your offerings as a teacher, giving you more opportunities to make your online yoga business a full-time career.

Other tips for online yoga teacher training teachers

With all these things considered, you may find yourself with a lot more to think about in regards to moving forward with your plans to become an online yoga instructor.

There are a few other things that may help you in suffering some of the trips and tumbles that others have experienced along the way.

Find a Mentor

There are a few paths in life that others have not walked before you, and you definitely will not be the only yoga teaching offering online yoga tuition. Other peoples experiences can go a long way in helping you in making smarter business decisions.

There are many social media forums and online communities that can provide you with valuable free information when first starting up, and you may be surprised to see how many people will be willing to give you advice within the worldwide yoga community.

Everybody starts somewhere, and you must tackle your new adventure with humility and an open heart if you wish to make your dream a rewarding reality when you finally get your accreditation.

Offer something unique

You, just like everyone else, are unique individuals, and this is something to celebrate within your yoga practice. You will, in time, start to find your own way on your yoga journey, and this is important to keep at the forefront of your yoga lessons when you start to teach others.

The people who will be drawn to your lessons will no doubt see something in you that they wish to bring into themselves. You will have your own unique ideas and experiences to pass on to your students, and it is vital that you open yourself up and share the unique attributes you contribute to this ancient practice.

Start a blog

The entirety of human history and culture is based around storytelling, and one of the best ways you can attract new students to your online yoga classes is to share your personal yoga journey in depth.

Starting a yoga blog is easier than you might think, and it may be your personal stories and unique pieces of wisdom that gets a potential student to email or DM you!

Your Online Yoga School

Armed with all this information, you may be more excited than ever to get started on your dream of becoming a successful online yoga instructor, and I couldn’t be more excited for you.

If I can leave you with anything else, it will be not to rush. Yoga is a lifelong journey, and your student’s yoga foundations will only be as strong as the ones you help them lay down. 

Your yoga practice too will continue to grow, develop and change over the years, and it is important that you also continue to study, practice and grow with your own yoga practice.

Make sure you enjoy the journey as much as the destination, and you will soon discover that it is your passion for yoga that will ultimately attract your students. Be genuine in your practice, and good karma will bring you just the right students, at just the right time. Namaste! 

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