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The Best Yoga Swing Stands Available Right Now

My Free Yoga brings you the best yoga swing stands available in 2021. All products are Amazon best sellers and offer best value for money. Let’s dive right into it.

Aerial yoga is getting more and more traction in the diverse world of yoga practices. Whether you are practicing silks, using a yoga hammock or mastering a yoga trapeze, it is a great way to build up your core, tone muscle, gain flexibility and decompress the neck and spine.

The only downside to yoga that required suspension outside the studio is the need to hang your equipment safely and sturdily. It is fine if you have strong open beams, large tree branches or a pergola to hang your equipment from. But if these options aren’t available to you on your property, what else can you do?

There are a range of a-frame style yoga swing stands, exercise and gym racks on the market that are perfect for portable or indoor applications where you need to suspend your body weight and master your aerial yoga and Pilates skills. Read on to discover five of the best yoga swing stands on the market in 2021.

YOGABODY Trapeze yoga swing stands

The Best Yoga Swing Stands Available Right Now
The Best Yoga Swing Stands Available Right Now 6

Product Features:

  • Rock solid design
  • Easy set up
  • Supports up to 600-lbs

There has never been an easier way to set up your Yoga trapeze or hammock. These simple but effective yoga swing stands are suitable for indoor and out use, is easy to put up and take down while holding up to 600-lbs of weight.

These yoga swing stands are versatile for a range of exercise activities including yoga swings, hammocks and trapezes, Olympic rings, kick bags and for bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and calisthenics. It is made from rock-solid aluminum alloy, which is both easy to light enough to transport and carry while robust enough to support your activities and last a lifetime.

CAP Power Rack

The Best Yoga Swing Stands Available Right Now
The Best Yoga Swing Stands Available Right Now 7

Product Features:

  • Built in bar and weight storage
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Supports up to 500-lbs

A great multi-use exercise frame, The CAP power rack yoga swing stands offer optimal support for Aerial yoga equipment, bodyweight workouts or TRX-style suspension training. It is also a perfect companion for your CrossFit and calisthenics practices.

It can also be used as a weight rack for squats and powerlifting and incorporates a weight rack for storage and added stability. The solid steel frame is powder-coated to withstand hard wear and tear and can support over 500-lbs of weight. With a unit this sturdy and durable the potential uses are limitless.

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Prior Fitness Yoga Swing Stands

The Best Yoga Swing Stands Available Right Now 8

Product Features:

  • Ultra-portable
  • Magnesium alloy frame
  • Supports up to 400-lbs

These portable yoga swing stands are made from strong, sturdy, but light magnesium alloy, this a-frame designed portable yoga frame is light enough to carry to and from your vehicle as well as quick and easy to put up and takedown.

Prior Fitness yoga swing stands have an impressive maximum height of 3.4-metres, making it ideal for taller practitioners and can be used for a diverse range of activities like aerial yoga and Pilates, pull-ups and bodyweight workouts, TRX and inversion boots. It also has handy base plates that can be secured with tent pegs or dynabolt.

KT Air Yoga Swing Stand

The Best Yoga Swing Stands Available Right Now 9

Product Features:

  • Multi-use
  • Includes yoga hammock
  • Supports up to 661-lbs

KT are experts in yoga wing stands. This A-frame is easy to set up, is super stable and hold an impressive 661-lbs of weight with little effort. Perfect for mastering the yoga hammock or trapeze outside of studio hours.

The bonus yoga hammock is made with durable 210T/70D parachute cloth that also has a weight-bearing range of 600-lbs. The frame is made of high-strength alloy steel and is fully collapsible and portable, making it ideal for home use, the park or at the beach. 

HulkFit Power Rack

The Best Yoga Swing Stands Available Right Now

Product Features:

  • Multi-use rack
  • Made of 12-gauge steel
  • Supports up to 800-lbs

This heavy-duty workout rack is primarily designed for weight lifting and a squat rack but is perfect to use as a yoga stand, calisthenics bar, TRX system or a bodyweight exercise station. 

It is made of robust 12-gauge steel and is powder-coated for extra durability. It comes with weight holders and bar supports and can easily be fitted with a dip bar. 

It is a very solid unit but can also be fastened to a floor for extra support and stability. The entire unit is approximately 2.5-metres high giving plenty of clearance for inversion therapy with a yoga hammock or trapeze.

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