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The Best Yoga Mats and Yoga Mat Bags in 2022

The Best Yoga Mats and Yoga Mat Bags in 2022

The Best Yoga Mats and Yoga Mat Bags in 2022! It’s 2022, so maybe it’s time for a new yoga mat and yoga mat bag to add a little spring to your step. There are many yoga mats to choose from with different sizes, thicknesses and designs, and the same can be said about yoga mat bags.

Maybe you prefer a thin and compact yoga mat for ease of use and carry, or perhaps a thick and comfy yoga mat is what you need to help support your aching joints and muscles. Some like to have a range to choose from, depending on a home, class or retreat session and how the body feels on the day.

Here we have the best yoga mats and yoga mat bags in 2022 to help narrow down your options, saving you valuable time that can be used more beneficially on the yoga mat. 

The Best Yoga Mats Thin In 2022

Tao Yoga Mat 3/16

The Tao Yoga Mat is perfect for all yogis and types of practice, from experienced and beginners to hot yoga and basic stretching. 

It is an eco-friendly option as it does not use harmful toxins which could potentially harm you and the environment and has a non-slip textured surface to help combat odor and moisture. 

The Toa Yoga Mat’s 5mm thickness provides stability and cushioning needed to help balance and comfort throughout your yoga sessions. 5mm is also a convenient thickness to carry and store.

The artistic design is both appealing and practical to produce a yoga mat you can be proud to own while also helping with the physical, mental and spiritual well-being that comes with yoga.

Tao Yoga Mat Features:

  • 72” length x 24” width x 3/16” thickness
  • 2.6 lb
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic PVC mat
  • Attractive printed design
  • A non-slip, moisture-resistant surface
  • Travel friendly for yoga retreats

The Best Thick Yoga Mat in 2022

The Best Yoga Mats and Yoga Mat Bags in 2022
Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat 1/2 inch

The Best Thick Yoga Mat in 2022! Although thin yoga mats can sometimes be more convenient, we need to acknowledge what our body needs, and sometimes that is an Extra Thick Yoga Mat.

The Prosource Fit’s Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat are made from high-density ½ inch foam. It is versatile for yoga and Pilates practice and offers cushion and comfort to help you focus on flow, balance and posture rather than pain and discomfort.

The design includes a non-slip surface for greater stability, high-quality material for maximum durability and lively colors for an eye-catching aesthetic. 

The Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat also has a removable and convenient sling to help you carry the mat to and from yoga sessions.

Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat Features:

  • Perfect for both Pilates and Yoga practices
  • 71″ length x 24″ width x1/2″ thickness
  • 2.55 lb
  • Made of high-density NBR foam 
  • Designed for high performance and durability
  • Low maintenance and moisture-resistant
  • A non-slip surface for greater stability
  • A removable and convenient yoga mat sling

The Best Yoga Mat Standard Bag in 2022

The Best Yoga Mats and Yoga Mat Bags in 2022
Yoga Mat Bag with Side Pocket

With iconic yoga postures and the word ‘Yogi’ embroidered in different vibrant colors on the bags’ exteriors, this yoga mat bag delivers all the yogi feels. 

The Yogi Yoga Mat Bag has a water-resistant lining to protect the contents from inclement weather and has many handy features like a water bottle, phone and zipper pocket. 

The quality cotton canvas delivers a strong and durable yoga mat bag that can carry mats of all sizes and will be a reliable accessory for many yoga sessions and retreats to come. 

The Yogi Yoga Mat Bag is an attractive piece to hit a yoga class with style. The neat design allows the bag to be held by hand or worn over the shoulder.

Yogi Yoga Mat Bag Features:

  • Keyholder
  • Inside secret zipper pocket
  • Phone and water bottle pocket
  • Inner water-resistant lining
  • Made from strong cotton canvas
  • Embroidered yogi details

The Best Yoga Mats Extra Large Bag in 2022

how about a yoga mat and bag combo? Some yoga bags are basic only to offer protection to the yoga mat; however, if you are searching for a bag with plenty of features, style, and space, this is for you.

The Extra Large Yoga Mat Bag is the perfect travel companion as it fits multiple mats, blocks, clothes, you name it. It uses a strong canvas with a water-resistant lining to give the ultimate protection when on the move.

Furthermore, the thick fabric and piped edges ensure the Extra Large Yoga Mat Bag holds its shape to help with use and packing.

The stunning mandala patterns of the Yoga Mat Bag design gives each bag its own personality. The repeated diamond print helps the yoga mat bag stand out to make this bag a stylish and practical yoga accessory. 

Extra Large Yoga Mat Carrier Bag Features:

  • It fits two Yoga mats inside and one outside
  • Plus two blocks or a block with clothing
  • A secure zip pocket for valuables
  • Four additional inner open compartments
  • Carry using the handles, on your back or over your shoulder
  • An additional exterior zip pocket
  • Yogamasti logo embossed in leather
  • Double main zip ease of access
  • Two water bottle pocket

Improve Your Yoga Sessions

Thick or thin, standard or extra-large, these yoga mat and yoga mat bag options are big decisions when choosing the best yoga product for you. Once you know, either of these yoga products will be a superb acquisition to help improve your yoga sessions.

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