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The Best Yoga Balls for Pregnancy

Yoga Balls for Pregnancy can provide welcome relief and comfort as your body moves through the various stages of your pregnancy. They allow you to adjust and maximise your exercise routine as your body changes and can help take the pressure off fatigued muscles and sore backs throughout the day.

Yoga Balls for Pregnancy have also become a popular product to use during labour, and have taken on the name “birthing balls” adding to a list of different titles for the product. These helpful rubber bubbles have also been called:

  • Exercise balls
  • Swiss balls
  • Resistance balls
  • Balance balls

No matter what you call them, pregnant women, new mothers, and pediatricians have all sung praises for the Yoga Balls for Pregnancy over the years as a great tool to help future mothers throughout their entire pregnancy.

Pregnant women need to ensure they have a stable and safe Yoga Balls for Pregnancy to use during their journey to motherhood. My Free Yoga is here to guide you through some of the best birthing balls available in 2020. Read on to learn more.

Amxiu Yoga Ball Chair

Birthing balls for pregnancy

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Product features:

  • Anti-burst PVC
  • Supports 800-lbs
  • Stabilizer ring included

This kit from Amxiu for Yoga Balls for Pregnancy exercises is perfect for helping maintain your fitness throughout your trimesters. This ball comes with a plastic ring stabilizer to hold the ball in place to ensure there is no movement and accidental falls.

The kit also comes with rubber resistance bands that can be attached to the stabilizer ring, allowing you to comfortably sit while performing low impact muscle toning. The ball weighs minimal 1.9-kg and can support up to 800-pounds of weight. The ball is easy to inflate and adjust with the convenient bonus foot pump.


The stabilizing ring makes these Yoga Balls for Pregnancy perfect for safe and comfortable exercise, and the resistance bands help in maintaining muscle tone throughout your pregnancy.


This product comes in several colours; however, the ball itself comes in only one size. A 65-cm yoga ball may be too small for taller people.

SH-PH Peanut Yoga Balls for Pregnancy

SH-PH Peanut Ball Thickening Explosion-Proof Fitness Ball Yoga Sense Training Ball Children Training Equipment Environmentally Friendly Tasteless Pink 9045cm,Pilates Fitness Pregnancy (Color : E)

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Product features:

  • Elongated peanut shape
  • Perfect for back support
  • Helps with lower back pain and pressure

These peanut-shaped Yoga Balls for Pregnancy are becoming more popular with expectant mothers as they offer a diverse range of benefits. The elongated shape can provide stable support and a welcome relief from lower back pressure and can be used to stretch out the hips and shoulders.

The unique shape is also useful for back support when performing seated yoga asanas as your belly starts to expand, and offers a comfortable place to rest your body. The 45-cm diameter exercise ball is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly PVC.


The unique shape of the Yoga Balls for Pregnancy offers a diverse range of applications that will aid you through your pregnancy.


The ball comes with no additional stabilisation accessories. This may be a concern for some expecting mothers.

CanDo Non-Slip Inflatable Exercise Yoga Balls for Pregnancy

Yoga Balls for Pregnancy

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Product features:

  • Yoga ball with moulded stabilizer feet
  • Non-slip and latex-free
  • Supports up to 300-lbs

These Yoga Balls for Pregnancy manufactured by CanDo features unique moulded stabilization feet, making it perfect for pregnancy yoga ball exercises. This ball can also be used as an alternative office chair for the at-home office worker as well as provide a comfortable resting place for a tired body.

The ball comes in a range of colours and sizes, making it an ideal product for all expecting mothers. The ball is latex-free and made from durable PVC supporting up to 300-lbs of pressure. The burst-proof surface is ribbed for added stability and is easy to clean and sterilize.


The moulded stabilization feet make for a safer option for expectant mothers as does the non-slip surface.


The moulded feet are attached, meaning you may need a second option for more traditional exercise ball routines. This yoga ball has no pump included.

SH-PH Donut Yoga Balls for Pregnancy

SH-PH Yoga Balls for Pregnancy l Exercise Donut Yoga Ball Workout Core Training Stability Ball for Yoga Pilates Balance Training with Inflatable Pump, Diameter: 50 cm / 19.7 Inch (Color : D)

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Product features:

  • Doughnut shaped stability ball
  • Non-slip and burst proof
  • Maximum weight of 300-lbs

Over the years Yoga Balls for Pregnancy have been redesigned for various applications including this doughnut-shaped yoga ball. The torus shape provides added stability and comfort during your pregnancy, providing you with a soft surface that promotes core stability without the risk of the ball rolling out from underneath you.

The 50-cm doughnut yoga ball is a great size for most users. The ball is multifunctional acting as a comfortable seating alternative while still offering all the same exercise benefits of a traditional yoga ball. This lightweight stability ball comes with a bonus foot pump.


Excellent stability without the need for a stability ring or moulded feet. The bonus pump makes inflating and adjusting pressure a breeze.


May not be suitable for taller people or for specific yoga ball techniques. 

PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair with Back Support

PharMeDoc birthing ball

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Product features:

  • Yoga ball with chair base and back support
  • Yoga ball is removable
  • Caster wheels on the base

Yoga chairs have become more popular of late as a replacement for traditional office chairs., The design is more ergonomic and helps to reduce the possible health risks associated with sitting for long periods.

TheseYoga Balls for Pregnancy chairs by PharMeDoc can be a great aid during your pregnancy and after. These chairs offer added support and movement around your home office if you are still working during your pregnancy. The chair is also a great nursing aid post-pregnancy for activities like breastfeeding.


A fully functional alternative to traditional seating. Helps to take the pressure off the spine and hips while still promoting core strength.


Some people may feel unstable with the castor wheels depending on the floor surface. 

Always consult your doctor and pediatrician before undertaking any exercise regime or strenuous activity during your pregnancy. 

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