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Aerial yoga has become very popular in recent years. While many people have found an array of benefits from suspension training and aerial yoga practices using! The Best Aerial Yoga Gear listed below.

People are finding aerial yoga provides relief from sore backs and necks and. Disc and joint decompression! Improved blood flow. Increased strength and muscle mass and improved flexibility and movement.

However! one or two days a week at the yoga studio or gym doesn’t always speed up your progress in becoming an aerial yoga master.

Read on below to discover some fantastic products and the The Best Aerial Yoga Gear that can turn your home into a professional aerial yoga studio so you can transform your body and your health.

Gaiam Fitness Apparel

XICHENGSHIDAI Aerial Yoga Hammock

Aerial Yoga Hammock Premium Aerial Silk Yoga Swing Silk Fabric Aerial Flying Yoga Trapeze
The Best Aerial Yoga Gear Available Right Now 10

Product features: 

  • Made of Silk Fabric
  • 16.4 feet long by 9.2 feet wide
  • Load capacity – 1900 lbs

A great aerial yoga hammock for advanced students and beginners alike. It comes with everywhere besides the place to hang it. This kit comes with a high-quality silk fabric 16.4 feet long by 9.2 feet wide. It has two stainless steel locks. Eight-piece expansion bolt set, two high-quality carabiners, two one-metre extension straps.

There are six loop extension straps on either end of the extension straps. For easy adjustment and can also be easily looped around an open beam tree branch or custom rig.

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Firetoys Professional Hammock

Firetoys Professional Aerial Yoga Hammock, Made in The UK, Safety Tested & Certified - Lots of Colors!

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Product features:

  • Install kit and instructions supplied
  • 2.8m wide by 6m long
  • Load capacity – 379lbs

This high-quality, professional aerial sling by Fire-toys. Is the ultimate aerial yoga companion. Perfect for inverting for decompression and opening up the joints. The high-quality silk style, stretch nylon fabric will give you years of enjoyment. And all the health benefits that come with regular aerial yoga practice.

It comes with a kit containing all you need to attach the hammock securely to a tree, beam or support frame. All Fire-toys aerial gear is manufactured and tested in the UK before packing and shipping.

Sotech Aerial Yoga Swing Set

Sotech Aerial Yoga Swing Set, Yoga Sling Inversion Tool for Professional and Beginners, 2 Adjustable Daisy Straps

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Product features

  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Load capacity – 600lbs

The Sotech aerial yoga swing can easily fit on tree branches.Play equipment, door pull-up bars or any open beam. It has soft! comfortable fabric sliders and foam-padded handles to protect your hands and skin.

Ideal for helping treat back and neck pain. This swing set allows you to relax in full inversion, decompressing the spine naturally with gravity. Regular use also aids in improved flexibility. Increase in core and upper body strength, and improved blood circulation.

KT Two-Tier Height Adjustable Folding Frame

The Best Aerial Yoga Gear Available Right Now

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Product features:

  • Two tiers for versatility of use
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Load-bearing:  upper-440 lbs, lower-198 lbs 

This full fitness A-frame is perfect for aerial yoga training and bodyweight exercises for callisthenics and general strength building. It has a low vibration design and can be pulled down in around 30-seconds to store away and save space.

Perfect for people with apartments or limited space. This complete home aerial frame gives you the freedom to master your aerial yoga anytime from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for fine-tuning in between studio classes.

Laideyilan Yoga Hammock

Laideyilan Aerial Silks Equipment- Medium Stretch Silk Acrobatic Dance Yoga Hammock Aerial Yoga Hammock Set Aerial Silk Fabric Yoga Swing for Home Proficient

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Product features:

  • 100% nylon aerial silk
  • 26ft long by 9ft wide
  • Load capacity – 2204lbs

Ideal for both yoga and aerial acrobat training and performance. This kit from Laideyilan is all you need to attach this aerial silks kit to any suitable anchor point. It comes equipped with a professional quality nylon aerial silk that can take up to 1000 kg of load, making it extra safe.

The kit with two titanium alloy lock buckles, two heavy-duty extension straps, and universal ring and a high-quality, coated horn buckle for the silk. Perfect for ceilings six to twelve feet high the lengthy silk allows for 13-feet of hang each side of the horn buckle.


PLANET-OCEAN Yoga Swing Inversion Sling Aerial Yoga Hammock (See Color Options)

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Product features:

  • Made of Polyester Taffeta
  • 3 foam handles on both sides
  • Load capacity – 300lbs

The PLANET-OCEAN three-piece yoga and inversion sling is perfect for beginners! and a great home kit for advanced practitioners. The two outer training belts are fitted with deluxe foam handles for superior comfort! while the central sling sits in between. All parts are hung individually.

This set is accompanied by two heavy-duty stainless steel hooks and detailed installation instructions to ensure your safety.  Can be hung from modified ceilings! open beams or customs aerial frames.

KT Stand Frame

KT Aerial Yoga Stand Frame Indoor Outdoor KT1.1518. Max Height 92.5''. Foldable, Portable, Height Adjustable, Stable and Durable Yoga Swing Stand Frame

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Product features:

  • Easy to assemble and pack down.
  • Multiple uses
  • Load bearing – 440lbs

If you don’t have access to an aerial studio or an appropriate hanging space. Then this collapsible and portable aerial yoga A-frame might be perfect for you. The KT-1 air yoga stand is made of durable steel and can hold a total weight of 440 lbs.

This unit has been recently modified to remove excess wobble. Making this a sturdy companion for yoga hammocks and swings. As well as other uses like body-weight exercises like pull-ups. Also roman rings training and basic calisthenics.

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