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Welcome to My Free Yoga “Write for Us” or Submit Guest Post program! MFY allows you to target a highly targeted and relevant audience of thousands of users. By submitting your articles on My Free Yoga, you get instant exposure from thousands of highly relevant and targeted users. The website has genuine traffic, high DA & DR.

With Submit Guest Post you will receive a Do-follow backlink, we would share your article on our social media channels as well. please read the term and conditions before before applying for a guest post, Thank you.

Rules For Accepting Summitted Guest Post

Cost for each post is $30 USD

1.      Content: Must be unique and non plagiarised. You can obtain a free report here.

2.      Content: Must be relevant to current content on the site. We encourage you to add relevant categories and tags. This would help us improve the visibility and indexing of your submitted content

3.      Advise: what category the content is to be submitted under.

4.      Word count: Blogs should be around 300-800 and not exceed 1000 words.

5.      Content: should have a clear main point or direction.

6.      Readability: should be 95% plus or Yoast green lighted. 

7.      Style: As the site is USA reader based, we would only be able to accept blogs written in English. If you link or reference to a statistic or event, please ensure the cited content is also in English.

8.      Format and Editing: All blogs or submissions should or will be edited for the correct spelling and grammar. Please break up long paragraphs to create shorter paragraphs.

9.      Titles: Please keep short no more than 8 words and sentences less than 20 words.

10.  Author Bio: Your submission will automatically link to the authors about us page. Please supply link to your Authors page or about us page.

11.  Please: Do not add author details anywhere inside the blog. Doing so would get your article rejected immediately.

12.  Images: We accept images as long as you have the rights to those images. Please provide a brief caption and photo credit. Images must respect the dignity, values, history, religion or culture of the subject photographed. They must also be accurate and reflect the subject matter being discussed and not be in any way misleading. We can also accept your URL to embed a video or placing the embed code in the box underneath your blog main text.    

13.  Backlinks: We will allow ungated links to articles or other blogs that highlight or enforce the point or accuracy of the point being made.

14.  We: Will not allow gated links.

15. Affiliate Links: Affiliate links such as Amazon are strictly prohibited. Any article containing affiliate links would not be accepted.

If: The blog doesn’t fit within the above criteria. The blog will be rejected and returned. Allowing the writer to adjust or edit twice after this, the article or blog will not be accepted and no refund will be provided.

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