Meaning of Mantras

meaning of mantras

The word mantra comes from Sanskrit and means “tool/instrument of thought.”


Mantras are words or sounds with meaning, that are repeated over and over again. The goal is to create a positive energetic effect and a higher state of consciousness.

Mantras have been used for centuries for mind-body connection purposes, and can be a very powerful way to enter into a deep meditative state.

In fact, many practitioners use mantras (versus focusing on their breathing) to help them slip into a meditative state more easily.

If there is a part of your Self that you would like to attend to, you can select a mantra in relation to this area for nourishment.

For example, if you need stress relief then you could choose a mantra like the following:

  • “I am grateful for my life” Breathe In:
  • “I am letting go of stress” Breathe Out:
  • “Love” …Breathe In:
  • “Stress…”Breathe Out:

Other Ideas for a Mantra

  • “Enough I am.”
  • “Loved I am .”
  • “Allow I Will…”
  • “Compassion for others, compassion for thy self.”
  • “ feel stronger and stronger each day.”
  • “ co-create everything in my life.”
  • “I’m powerful beyond measure.”
  • “In this moment…I am.”
  • “I go where the love is.”
  • “Money/abundance flows effortlessly to me.”

The Meaning Of Mantras Explained In Video

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