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Gaiam Yoga Mat Review

gaiam yoga mat review

There is no doubt that yoga mats are probably some of the most common yoga accessories that any practitioner should have. If you didn’t know this! there are only a handful of reliable and high quality yoga mat brands that you can rely on.

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For instance. This is one of the best and most comprehensive Gaiam yoga mat reviews. It is one of the most experienced and amazing manufacturers in the business. And any gaiam travel yoga mat review or anu gaiam yoga mat comparison to see just how great these products really are. So here are the best five products you could choose from this manufacturer!

1. Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats

Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats

Any Gaiam yoga mat review will claim that this product is, without a doubt. One of the most amazing ones available on the market at the moment. The most impressive thing about it is the fact that it is extra thick (5 mm) so that it is able to offer you additional cushioning in order to avoid uncomfortable poses.

More than that! the fabric is able to provide you with a non – slip surface so that you have great traction during your yoga sessions. One other thing you should know about this product. Is that it comes with a free yoga workout download that you can include in your everyday routine!

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2. Gaiam Solid Yoga Mats

Gaiam Solid Yoga Mats

Any Gaiam solid yoga mat review will praise these products and say that they are some of the highest quality yoga mats available on the market at the moment. The main reason why these items have been so well received ever since the manufacturer has launched them is the fact that they are double thick, which means that any yoga session is turned into a very comfortable and pleasant experience.

Apart from that, the mat is very durable as well as lightweight so you can count on it even when travelling. One other advantage that it has is the fact that it is very easy to roll and store.

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3. Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mats

Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mats

When it comes to finding the best Gaiam yoga mat. The premium reversible mats should certainly be considered as they come with plenty advantages both for seasoned yoga practitioners and for beginners. Apart from the fact that these products are durable, extra thick (to ensure additional cushioning) and lightweight, they are also reversible.

In other words. They provide the user with a sticky! non stick surface that guarantees the ideal conditions for excellent traction. As a bonus you will also get a free yoga workout download which is a great advantage! especially for beginners who have loads of things to learn.

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4. Gaiam Sol Studio Select Dry Grip Yoga Mat

Gaiam Sol Studio Select Dry Grip Yoga Mat

When talking about the best Gaiam yoga mats. There is no doubt that this amazing product should be on the list as one of the most impressive items manufactured by this company. The Gaiam sol studio select dry grip yoga mat should be in every yoga practitioner’s kit. One of the most amazing things about it is its ability to seal out germs, bacteria and unpleasant odors.

In other words! you no longer have to worry that your yoga mat is drenched in sweat and that has the potential of affecting your health. Although it is seen as a yoga mat ideal for people with various allergies. I would recommend it to anyone who is concerned about his or her health.

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5. Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Just to prove how much of a dedicated and client oriented manufacturer Gaiam is. They have launched a yoga mat that was especially designed for kids. Apart from being brightly colored. These yoga mats actually have all the benefits and advantages of regular gaiam yoga mats.

They are extra thick. lightweight and very durable. The only noticeable difference is the size. Which was thought out for kids aged 5-8.Other than that. You can now share your passion for yoga with your children and you can teach them all about working out as a means of balancing your mind, your spirit and body.

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The bottom line is that Gaiam is a highly respected and appreciated yoga accessories manufacturer. Over the years they have managed to come up with relevant and high quality products. That have helped their clients achieve their workout goals.

Gaiam Wholesale Program

The great news is that yoga mats are not the only things that they produce! so you can enjoy their quality standards in other products as well. In any case. You now know what are their best yoga mats without having to read other gaiam yoga mat reviews which are more or less comprehensive or thorough. So if you are interested in purchasing a new yoga mat from Gaiam, the list above will hopefully help you out!

Don’t forget your Gaiam Yoga mat band…It keeps it nice and wrapped up.

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