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Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag Review

Gaiam Yoga Mat bag review

A high quality yoga mat bag is a great addition to any yoga accessories and equipment kit. There is no doubt that these are highly useful products that anyone should have and take full advantage of.

Although a Gaiam yoga mat band review will show you that there are also a few alternatives out there. The yoga mat bag seems to be here to stay as a trend. This Gaiam yoga mat bag review will give you an insight into the many types of yoga mat bags available on the market and will present a top five of the most amazing products from this brand.

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Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag Comparison

1. Gaiam Full Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bags

Gaiam Full Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bags

This is! without a doubt an exceptional yoga mat bag. It is made out of cotton and it has a soft. Yet durable construction. The thing that I like about it the most,is the fact that it has a full zip closure for an easy in and out access.

More than that! the bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a front cargo pocket that allows you to carry more yoga gear. It has a 6 inch diameter and measures 26 inches in length.The other very amazing thing about this item.Is the fact that it comes in many different colors and designs so that you might actually be able to match it with your yoga mat.

2. Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags

No Gaiam mat bag review would ever be complete without also including the yoga mat tote bags. Which are absolutely fabulous. Not to mention highly fashionable and extremely comfortable. It’s not that the yoga mat would be an excessively heavy object. But owning a comfortable bag is highly important especially for us, girls.

This product is 100% made out of cotton and it has a very chic embroidery on the front. It fits most standard and premium mats and it has multiple pockets that can be used to keep additional gear or!snacks.More than that. The bag also has magnetic snaps for easy access and ease of closure.

3. Gaiam Top Loading Yoga Mat Bags

Gaiam Top Loading Yoga Mat Bags

This is yet another exceptional product manufactured by Gaiam. This is, without a doubt!one of the most reliable products of this kind. Not to mention the fact that it is very chic. It is made out of 100%b cotton and has the chakras embroidered on the front. Its colorful design will surely manage to cheer up any yoga session.No matter how straining or tiring that might be.

The great news is that this bag fits any size of yoga or Pilates mat and it is very easy to carry around. One other advantage is that it can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.

4. Gaiam On The Go Yoga Mat Carrier

Gaiam On The Go Yoga Mat Carrier

Although it might not look as chic or as fashionable as the above mentioned yoga bags. This product is certainly able to do the job in an effective manner. Its main advantage is the fact that it can fit any kind of mat of any size. It has magnetic snaps that ensure both a quick release and ease of access.

Additionally! the mat has an interior strap that secures the mat in place and it also comes with an outer pocket that allows you to store various items. From keys and wallet to your phone or, once again, delicious snacks!

5. Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag

Gaiam Breathable Yoga Mat Bag

This is yet another amazing product manufactured by Gaiam. Although it is not as impressive when it comes to design or colors. this gaiam yoga bag manages to surprise customers with other important features.

One of the most important feature! is the fact that it is made out of a unique material that allows the yoga mat to breathe after an intense yoga session. In other words. Instead of putting your mat away in a bag with no fresh air available. It allows all the germs and bacteria to spread and multiply. This type of bag however, completely prevents that from happening!


This Gaiam yoga mat bag review is further proof that Gaiam is manufacturing some of the most amazing products in the business. The high quality of their products and customer services is also shown by the countless positive reviews that they are getting from customers all over the world.

So if you are eager to buy a new yoga mat bag and have decided that you want to try one from Gaiam, you now know what are the best products that this company has to offer in this category! The list above has hopefully made things easier for you and will assist you in making the right decision.

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