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Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat Review


There are plenty of Gaiam kids yoga mat reviews available online, but i guarantee that this Gaiam kids yoga mat review that you are reading right now might just be the best one.

So if you have finally decided to introduce your kids to yoga or if they are already passionate about this physical activity and they need a new mat, you would be happy to learn that Gaiam has launched a line especially for kids.

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Your kid would be thrilled to find out that he has to choose from various models that are both choice and a lot of fun. So if you want to know what are the most amazing gaiam kids yoga mats, keep on reading. One tip for you, though, since kids are always so unpredictable, you might also want to read a Gaiam yoga mat cleaner review and see how that product works.

1. Blue Rocket Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Blue Rocket Gaiam Kids yoga mat

When it comes to the best Gaiam kids yoga mat, then Blue Rocket is certainly at the top of the list. It is an amazing product which seems to have been designed especially for boys aged 5 – 8. The blue color and geometric design will certainly draw the attention of anyone in the salon.

What also needs to be mentioned about this product is the fact that it is surprisingly light and very easy to carry around. If you are dealing with a more independent kid then you will be able to appreciate this as a huge advantage. On top of that, Gaiam was nice enough to make this mat even suitable for those who are sensitive to latex.

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2. Pink Zebra Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Pink Zebra Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

No Gaiam kids mat review would ever be complete without the Pink Zebra. If you are dealing with a true princess then there really is no other way to go than this model and type of mat.

The overly girly design will definitely make the little one feel like she is working out on cotton candy and the animal print (be it pink as it may) offers the mat a bit of extra femininity that can only push your kid to perform better.

Besides, the bright color also has great chances of cheering up the place and the entire routine. The technical details are basically the same: it is a 3 mm thick mat, suitable for kids with the ages between 5 and 8 and it is very light and easy to carry around!

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3. Green Camo Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Green Camo Gaiam kids yoga mat

Every Gaiam kids yoga mat review should also include a Green Camo mat, which is, in my opinion, one of the best kids yoga mats available on the market at the moment. Just like Blue Rocket, this one also seems to have been designed specifically for boys.

However, this does not also mean that girls should not use them, especially if they like the green color. The mat is a perfect combination of dark and light green as well as grey in order to create the camo effect that kids like so much. This kids yoga mat is also recommended to anyone who is suffering from latex sensitivities.

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4. Purple Flowers Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Purple flowers Gaiam Kids yoga mat

Since we have already discussed two models that were specifically designed for boys, you should know that this mat model was thought out for girls and inspired by them. The mat is a light purple decorated with even lighter purple stripes and green/purple flowers.

I find it to be a very discreet yoga mat that does not draw all of the attention to itself. However, it is very feminine and pleasant to work on. It provides the necessary cushioning and a non-slip surface so that the yoga routine runs smoothly. If your little girl is not that big of a fan of attention, then this might be the perfect choice for her!

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5. Roboto Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Roboto Gaiam kids yoga mat

If you are eager to find your kid an impressive yoga mat for him or her to practice on, then Roboto should be on your list of options to consider. It is a very interesting looking yoga mat with a great design that can be used both by boys and girls.

Although the grey background of the mat might seem a bit too serious for a kid, the green, funny looking robot outlined on it totally makes up for that. This too is a 3 mm thick mat that can be used by kids with the ages between 5 and 8. It provides the necessary support and cushioning for them to try any new pose.

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In conclusion, having kids that you want to introduce to the art of yoga might not be such a bad idea after all, especially since there are several manufacturers in the business, such as Gaiam who are eager to make accessories and equipment especially for them.

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No matter if you have a boy or a girl, these models are actually amazing and they go with any gender. All that you need to do is convince your kid that yoga is something that he or she should try! In fact, you could even try coming up with a tandem routine, where you both work at the same time. That is bound to be a lot of fun!

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