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Whether you call it a yoga ball, swiss ball, balance ball, stability ball, or by any other name, they will all provide you with the perfect stretching and core strength training partner. Yoga balls are an affordable and easy way to stretch out tired muscles, focus in on targeted core strength workouts or even replace your home office chair.

The “Swiss Ball”, invented by Aquilino Cosani, an Italian plastics manufacturer, was first introduced in 1963 and was adopted quickly by the yoga community. It is an excellent aid for mastering and holding bends and asanas by providing maximum support while you develop flexibility and build muscle.

Yoga balls now come in a range of variations and have been integrated with custom contraptions including balance and stability balls and moulded chairs for work and meditation. So come for a trip with us as we go over the best yoga balls rolling around in 2020.

URBNFit Exercise Yoga Ball

URBNFit Exercise Ball (Multiple Sizes) for Fitness, Stability, Balance & Yoga - Workout Guide & Quick Pump Included - Anti Burst Professional Quality Design

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Product features:

  • Gym-grade exercise ball
  • Anti-burst material
  • Free pump and digital workout guide

This professional-grade yoga ball from URBNFit is a must-have for any home yoga space. The ball is made out of high-quality PVC and can withstand an impressive 2000-lbs of pressure, ensuring there are no nasty surprises or injuries due to accidental bursting.

It can be purchased in five different sizes from 45-85 centimetres, the 75-Cm being the most popular size for maximising functionality. The Anti-burst coating doubles as a non-slip film, and the double-action pump makes for quick and easy inflation.

The URBNFit yoga ball is perfect for aiding in all forms of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Zen, as well as general stretching and exercise, doubling as a weight bench for free weights. Using a yoga ball can also aid in minimising the chance of injury doing core exercises like crunches.


This ball comes in a wide range of colours and sizes and is safe and effective with its Anti-burst and non-slip coating.


Very basic so not much to lose out on here. Make sure you pick a size that is best suited to your body size and intent of use.

Champion Sports Exercise Yoga Ball Chair

Champion Sports Exercise Ball Chair: FitPro Balance Ball Chair with Wheels and Back Support for Home or Office Use - Includes Hand Pump - Black
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Product features:

  • Stability ball seat
  • Strong moulded plastic frame
  • Sculptured back support

There is mounting scientific evidence that being sedentary at work in chairs with poor ergonomics could be one of the biggest threats to physical and mental health in the modern world. There have been many products introduced to the market to try and combat this concerning public health risk.

Many people have taken to using an exercise ball throughout the day to engage core muscles better and take the pressure off the lower back. This has led to the design of the exercise ball chair, consisting of a caster wheelbase, a moulded back support and a locking system to keep your swiss ball in place.


Great office chair alternative. Improve your posture and core strength while fighting a range of possible health risks from sitting for too long at work.


Some larger or taller people may find the design too small, making it uncomfortable or redundant. Only provides one function from your stability ball.

Sportneer Balance Half Yoga Ball Bundle 

Sportneer Balance Half Ball Bundle with Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle - Black
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Product features:

  • Balance trainer with resistance bands
  • Multi-use
  • Bonus bottle and bottle cleaner

This half stability ball kit offers a total body workout requiring minimal space. It allows you to improve your core stabilising muscles while performing full-body exercises with the aid of detachable resistance bands.

The hard plastic base provides maximum support, and the half ball is burst-resistant with 4mm thick PVC that takes a maximum load of 300-lbs. This product is popular for people who are rehabilitating from injury by offering low impact but effective strength and support building for any part of the body.

The kit comes with a bonus foot pump so you can increase or decrease ball pressure for different exercises. It also comes with a stainless steel water bottle with an insulated cover, and a custom bottle cleaner for those times you left your bottle in your yoga bag a little too long.


Excellent home workout kit for small living spaces. Engage core muscles, improve balance and stability, as well as tone your body


Does not function the same as a full-sized yoga ball. May not be as helpful in providing full-body stretching and focusing on yoga asanas.

CanDo Non-Slip Inflatable Exercise Ball with Stability Feet

CanDo Non-Slip Inflatable Exercise Ball with Stability Feet for Exercise, Workout, Core Training, Stability, Yoga, Pilates and Balance Training in Gym, Office, Home or Classroom. Red, 30" (75 cm)

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If you are struggling with your GYM ball slipping and sliding around, then this yoga ball is for you. CanDo has come up with a unique moulded exercise ball that has four strategically placed legs making sure your ball stays put on slippery or sweat-drenched surfaces. 

The ball’s robust PVC material makes it burst-proof with a load capacity of up to 300-lbs. It comes in five different colours and a range of sizes to match your personal yoga space. The moulded feet also make it perfect for using as an intermediary office chair so you can get essential movement into your workday.

It is also a great stretch companion and home gym utility, giving you added stability when using free weights and perfecting backbends and other complex asanas. 


The feet provide added stability so you can hold postures for an extended time. Also makes a great piece of house or office furniture.


The feet are not removable and may not be the preferred feature for some people. A pump is not supplied with this yoga ball, so if you don’t have a pump, you will need to up your cardio.

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