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Aerial yoga using a yoga sling or trapeze has grown in popularity in recent years. Aerial yoga can aid in increasing range of movement, flexibility, and spinal decompression which aids in reducing and treating back pain and herniated discs.

There are many custom-designed studios in most major cities where you can find aerial yoga instruction, however, setting up an aerial yoga rig at home can be a little more challenging. If you own your own property, it could mean you have to do some modifications to your beams or drill through your roof. 

A large straight tree branch is a good option until it breaks mid asana, and not everyone is handy with tools to build a frame outdoors. If you live in a rental property, then you have even more restrictions. So what is an aerial yogi to do if these options aren’t available?

The team here at My Free Yoga come to the rescue again with a selection of some of the best compact and portable setups for your aerial yoga journey. Come hang with us! Read on for more information.

KT Airial Yoga Equipment Set

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Product features:

  • A-frame with 300kg capacity
  • Yoga trapeze included 
  • Comes with all necessary accessories

KT are a leading brand in collapsible and portable aerial yoga and exercise frames. This yoga trapeze stand holds up to 300kg offering you peace of mind when performing inverted asanas. The entire unit packs down small enough to fit in most cars and is compact enough to assemble in apartments and units.

The yoga trapeze is made out of high-quality parachute material, and also has a weight capacity of 300kg. The trapeze consists of a main sling and is accompanied by two, three tired, soft handle daisy chains for maximum control of your aerial yoga.

All bolts and fasteners are supplied so you can get started on perfecting your aerial yoga techniques from the minute you open your kit. 


Everything your need to start or continue your aerial yoga journey. Great for people living in small apartments and rental properties with limited space.


Not appropriate for aerial silks or aerial activities that involve swinging. The frame can be tipped.

Sotech Aerial Yoga Swing Set

Sotech Aerial Yoga Swing Set, Yoga Sling Inversion Tool for Professional and Beginners, 2 Adjustable Daisy Straps

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Product features:

  • Yoga Trapeze and hammock
  • All connections provided
  • Handy carry pouch

Sotech produces a range of high-quality aerial yoga products including this hammock and trapeze kit. This kit comes with the main hammock is made of high-quality non-toxic material and bears a load of up to 600-lbs.

There are also two, three-tiered, soft handle daisy chains to help you build on your progressions. These straps come with everything you need to attach to a beam, A-frame or tree branch including adjustable straps and four-carabiners. 

The entire kit comes with a one-year manufacturers warranty and can be stored inside its handy drawstring carry pouch.


A complete aerial yoga kit, suitable for all skill levels. This yoga trapeze kit is secure and reliable, so you can practice your aerial yoga with peace of mind.


This aerial yoga kit is only as safe as what it is fastened to. Make sure your frame, beam or brach can secure your weight load to avoid serious injury.

Sotech Bracket Anchor, Wall Ceiling Mount for Yoga Swing

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Product features:

  • High-quality steel construction
  • Two different fattening options
  • 600-lbs load capacity

If you have a sturdy beam or concrete roof in your home or apartment, or you wish to set up a permanent fixture to your patio or gazebo, then this aerial yoga mounting kit from Sotech is for you. These X-shaped mounts are designed for maximum versatility and strength as well as reducing unwanted movement during your aerial yoga practice.

This kit gives you two mounting options allowing you to fasten into wooden beams or concrete ceilings using the threaded wood screws or masonry dynabolts. These mounts have a weight capacity rated at 600-lbs and come with a one-year manufacturers warranty.

These mounts can also be used to mount suspended chairs, resistance bands, battle ropes or martial arts equipment like kick bags.


Perfect for all aerial yoga applications. These mounts also offer the versatility to be used for many other exercise and relaxation products.


If you are unsure of the beam or surface’s weight capacity, or are uncertain of what’s needed to secure your mounts effectively, then we strongly suggest employing the services of a trade professional.

Uplift Active Stainless Steel Height Adjustable Aerial Yoga Fitness Rig

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Product features:

  • Portable
  • Height adjustable
  • 400-lbs weight capacity

If you live in a unit or small apartment, then roof height can be an issue with some adjustable stands. If you have limited space and no outdoor area, then this adjustable exercise frame and yoga trapeze stand could be your perfect aerial yoga companion.

The main parts of the unit are constructed of magnesium alloy, making it strong and sturdy when in use and light to move for storage. The frame is fully collapsible and adjustable operating from 5-feet up to 11-feet in height.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be used for a wide range of activities beside aerial yoga, including, aerial ring, silks, and callisthenics workouts.


Very sturdy and fully portable, this frame offers a diverse range of uses while providing a space-saving alternative to traditional workout equipment.


Ensure you place a mat or rubber stoppers under the foot of each upright support if using on top of hardwood floors or surfaces prone to marks and scratches.

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