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Cleaning and Caring for your Yoga Mat Full Guide


Cleaning and Caring for your Yoga Mat. With every low lunge and downward-facing dog, you want to ensure that you are going to stay upright on your yoga mat.

With regular use, your fitness mat becomes smelly and slippery from sweat, dirt and oils, and it’s easy to overlook cleaning it. You tend to spend your time unrolling your workout mat, sweating over it, rolling it back up and putting it away.

Here are our tips on cleaning and caring for your yoga mat.

Weekly Cleaning

We recommend you clean your Pilates mat at least once a week, especially if you practice yoga a couple of times a week. It is good hygiene to wipe down your fitness mat after each session, but if this doesn’t become the habit for you at least once a week is still good practice.

Mat Wipes

If you’re busy or just can’t be bothered with a complicated cleaning routine, buy some yoga mat wipes to wipe down your exercise mat easily.

Natural Solution

The best form of cleaner for your yoga mat is a natural solution that is water-based. One-part water and one-part vinegar will naturally disinfect your Pilates mat. We do not recommend you submerge the exercise mat as this may cause it to become waterlogged.

Avoid Soap

We generally recommend a water-vinegar solution when cleaning your yoga mat rather than a ton of soap as this can make your mat become waterlogged from the combination of suds and water.

Smelly Mats

If you find that your yoga mat still smells after cleaning add some oils such as tea tree, wild orange, lemongrass or lavender to some water and spray down your fitness mat which will leave it smelling fragrant. 

Avoid the Sun

While putting it out in the sun to dry may sound like the perfect solution, depending on the material your yoga mat is made out of, it may cause it to crumble and be damaged. 

Make Sure it’s Dry

Ensure that your yoga mat is thoroughly dry before rolling it back up, 24 hours if possible, to percent mold and mildew.

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