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Choosing the Right Yoga Mat

Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

As you embark on your yoga journey, a yoga mat will become your best companion, so choosing the right one is essential. Like any sports equipment, these exercise mats come in different sizes, thickness and materials and being informed can help you choose the right one. While some yoga studios will supply you with a gym mat, the thought of using one that other people have been sweating on isn’t that nice so having your own gym mat means you can also practice yoga at home.

Read on to find out four things to consider when choosing a yoga mat.

Mat Thickness

The thickness of the yoga mat is all about comfort. A thin mattress may not be kind on your knees during certain poses, but if it’s too thick, maintaining your balance for certain poses may be difficult. There are three main thicknesses that Pilates mats come in:

6mm: This is a thick exercise mat that offers premium comfort and support.

4mm-5mm: This thickness is standard for a workout mat and is the most commonly used. It has the right balance of cushioning for your joints and lightweight enough for easy portability.

1mm-3mm: This lightweight mat is easily portable and is often referred to as travel mats. They are quite thin though so may not be as kind on your joints as other thicknesses. But, if you like getting a better feel of the floor, then this yoga mat is ideal for you.


Pilates mat varies in size, so the most important consideration when choosing the right exercise mat for your height. If you can, stretch out on the gym mat before buying to ensure that it fits you, or if you know your height, make sure the mat is just as tall or taller than you are.


When referring to your exercise mat being sticky, this is not about it being gooey; it’s simply about feeling like it has suction to help you maintain your poses. Mats made out of PVC or foam are the stickiest, as long as they are kept clean. 


The texture of your mat gives you a varied surface to prevent you from slipping and also helps you maintain balance and proper alignment. Without a textured Pilates mat, you will find you slide and slip while doing poses which puts you at risk of injury.

Listen to your body

When choosing a mat, the best thing to do is to listen to your body. Whatever feels most comfortable for you and your body that is also safe is ultimately the best choice.

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