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Best Yoga Wheel for 2021

In buying the best yoga wheel.You can depend on a stable yoga prop that gives you a long time of use. A yoga wheel helps you execute difficult stretches and poses safely and with stability.

If you just want to know our top pick it’s the UpCirleSeven Cork Wheel. If you want to learn more about it pop down to number one to see all the pro’s and con’s.

Supporting your back with a yoga wheel also keeps you injury-free during a yoga session. If you are a newbie or a seasoned yoga practitioner. Consider adding a yoga wheel to your personal exercise aids.

It improves flexibility and promotes back strength. It helps relieve those backaches and muscle pains and does a lot more. Following are some top choices for you to consider.

Best Yoga Wheel Comparison

1. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Get The Best Yoga WheelGet The Best Yoga Wheel


  • Thickness:  8mm
  • Size: 12-inch by 5-inch
  • Weight Limit: 550 lbs.

If you want to improve your yoga, you can try the UpCircleSeven yoga wheel. It scores 4.7 on Amazon Reviews and is an Amazon’s Choice product. The wheel has received positive reviews for its sturdiness. It won’t flex nor break within a 550-lb weight limit.

The padding and wheel width are positive features as well. They help you try out new sequences and forms with relative ease, comfort, and safety. The padding is moisture-resistant so you can stay comfortable and sweat-free as you work out for deep muscle relaxation or back pain relief.

On a negative note, some users find it a bit narrow, making it hard to rest their backs steadily. Others feel the size runs too big for them. Buying UpCircleSeven’s yoga wheelset may solve that problem. It comes inclusive of three sizes: 12, 10, and 6 inches. Another common complaint is that not all units ship with a manual. Some buyers had to request for one. Others got a manual but there were no complete instructions, just photos. There’s no information on how to maneuver a position or how long to hold it.


  • Good aesthetics, classy and attractive design
  • Good, comfortable padding
  • Sturdy
  • Sweat-resistant

Get UpCircleSeven yoga wheel in cork or plastic. Colors include grey/blue, grey/pink, grey/turquoise, black/pink, black/green, and more.

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2. Pete’s Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

Get The Best Yoga WheelGet The Best Yoga Wheel


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 13” diameter
  • Width: 5.1”

Pete’s Choice Dharma yoga wheel scores 4.6 on Amazon Reviews and is also an Amazon’s Choice product. It uses high-quality durable material to give you a long time of use. Your purchase comes with a free eBook and you get the download link via email. With a foam that sticks well to the floor, this yoga wheel helps you practice and develop balanced and stable yoga poses. It’s safe and comfortable to use whether you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner or you just want to stretch your back for health or back pain relief.

Some users who prefer paper copies complain about getting an eBook with no option to request for an actual paper manual. Also, while the product comes with 500-lb weight capacity, you may hear creaking sounds every time you use it, even if you weigh lighter.


  • Free eBook
  • Foam padding sticks to the floor; stable to use
  • Comes with a strap

Get Pete’s choice Dharma yoga wheel + strap in black/green color mix. You can also buy a set that includes 2 blocks.

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3. Reehut Yoga Wheel

Get The Best Yoga WheelGet The Best Yoga Wheel


  • Materials: TPE foam with ABS inner tube
  • Diameter: 12.6″ inches
  • With: 5″ inches
  • Weight: 2.86lbs
  • Weight limit: 330lbs
  • Padding: 6mm thick

Try Reehut wheel to improve balance and flexibility. It scores 4.6 on Amazon Reviews. Use this wheel to build core and strengthen your back. It also aids in spine movement.

There are some complaints about the padding. The foam doesn’t completely go to the side of the plastic so some users find it uncomfortable to roll their backs onto it. The wheel may also move out of place from time to time.


  • Different color choices
  • Sturdy
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Gentle on skin; hypoallergenic material

Choose a Reehut wheel among 3 different colors: black/pink, pink/green, or purple/green.

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4. JBM Yoga Wheel

Get The Best Yoga WheelGet The Best Yoga Wheel


  • Size: 12inch / 30cm diameter
  • Width: 5inch / 12.7cm
  • Thickness: 0.6inch / 1.5cm

JBM wheel is also another Amazon’s Choice product and has a 4.4-star review on Amazon. This wheel can safely hold up to 300 lbs. The padding is made of TPE to provide you with a comfortable and steady grip and pose. You can carry this lightweight wheel anywhere with ease. Just sling it in a bag or store in your car boot. The product repels moisture and sweat so your wheel stays odor-free.

There were a few complaints about the aesthetics. Some products came with glue residue. Dried glue spots on the padding were sticky and uncomfortable to hold on to. Also, some didn’t like that the padding doesn’t extend all over the wheel surface.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Odor-free
  • Uses eco-friendly materials

Get JBM wheel in various color mixes: blue/green, pink/green, black/pink, and purple/green shades.

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5. Mindful Yoga Yoga Wheel

Get The Best Yoga WheelGet The Best Yoga Wheel


  • Wheel Diameter: 12 in.
  • Wheel Width: 5 in.
  • Thickness: 3/4 in.

A 4.7-star reviewed product, Mindful Yoga yoga wheel is also an Amazon’s Choice product.  The weight limit is 500 pounds. This wheel uses thick thermoplastic elastomers for padding to provide luxurious comfort.  It is also hygienic. It is non-slip and anti-microbial.

Some found the logo wearing off after a period of time. Shipments don’t always come with a printed manual. However, you can request a digital copy via email.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Good colors

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There are a plenty of choices for the best wheels out there today, but we always came back to the UpCircleSeven Yoga wheel for its overall feel and quality. With relatively competitive ratings and prices to choose from, your deciding factors may get narrowed down to size and colors.

Which one did you go with? Let us know in the comments below!

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