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The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]

Best Yoga Towels

The Best Yoga Towels

The best yoga towels are much more absorbent than a regular towel. And usually fit your yoga mat perfectly.

They are a great addition to your yoga mats! and can help to improve your grip and stability as well as make clean up a bit easier.

That’s why it is a good idea to use them.

If you want to skip the article? we think the best towel is the Shandali GoSweat towel. It’s an all around win for value and function.

If you want to check out the others in this towel review ?there is a comparison table below! with the top 5 yoga towels and below that each one is broken down with a few more details.

Best Yoga Towel Comparison Table

Yoga Towel Reviews

1. Shandali Gosweat Towel

The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]

Shandali offers a sweat absorbent yoga mat towel! that is geared towards hot sessions where you sweat a lot. It is meant to fit well on your yoga mat. Which of course depends on the size and shouldn’t slip too much.

It’s one of the top pics on Amazon and even is rated as Amazon’s choice towel.

On top of that it is available in several colors.

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2. Heathyoga Non Slip Towel

The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]

Heath-Yoga is a family business! with the goal of bringing Eco Friendly yoga products that are sustainable to people at all levels practicing yoga.

Their non slip towel is made of microfiber with a dual side non slip texture. One cool feature about this is the corner pockets! that let you slide it over your mat to help keep it from moving even more than just the texture.

The towels are available in two sizes 72″ x 26″ / 68″ x 24″ and come with a free bag. You can pick from several popular colors too.

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3. Yoga Mate The Perfect Towel

The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]

Yoga Mate has made a great towel which is highly absorbent and machine washable! like the rest on the list. It comes in a size (68″ x 24″) that fits most standard yoga mats making it easy! to take along to where ever you do your yoga.

It’s available in a range of colors and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The towel has plenty of positive reviews on it. So I guess they must be doing something right.

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4. Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel

The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]

Youphoria’s towel is one of the more budget friendly microfiber yoga towels available today. But it still does the job. It comes with high recommendations and is suitable for any type of yoga. But! is also great for the more intense types such as bikram or hot yoga.

As with the others on this list. It is available in an array of colors and comes in at a slightly larger size than most at 24 x 72 inches. HeathYoga has one available just a little bit wider if that is what you prefer.

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5. Yoga Jaci Mat Towel

The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2021]

Yoga Jaci is a company focused purely on Premium yoga products. And in particular Yoga Towels. They are very highly rated and guarantee their towel for life. In the case of yoga towels. This is very handy! because if you use yours regularly it may stretch or wear out in time.

Its size is 72” x 24” which is a pretty standard size and should go well with most yoga mats. The towels are made from 85% Polyester % 15% Polyamide. Which translated to English means it helps to create a non-slip surface.

Out of all the towels we reviewed and searched for around the web. This one is the best yoga towels for the money and quality! that we have been able to find. Oh! and it can go in the washing machine.

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Finding the right skidless yoga towel can be just as hard as finding the right yoga mat. A great towel can drastically improve your yoga experience. Even if your yoga mat is not of the highest quality. It all depends what you are looking for.

Our personal top pick is the Shandali GoSweat towel and is a crowd favorite with tons of positive reviews.

Let us know what towel you picked in the comments, why you think it is the best one, and how they fared with you in your hot yoga class! We hope you have enjoyed our review on The Top 5 Best Yoga Towels [2019]

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