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Best Bolster for Yoga 2020


The best yoga bolsters are normally made out of cotton and look exactly like cushions with removable covers. Their main advantage is the fact that they take some of the strain off your body in between poses. So if you are interested in learning what is the best yoga bolster available on the market? at the moment then you have certainly come to the right place.

For those of you who don’t already know this. Yoga bolsters are accessories meant to support the body while doing various poses. It can also be used by yogis to intensify their routine or yoga session.And even to make stretching a lot easier.

This article will not only provide you with a top five of the best products of this kind. But it will also give you information about the different types of bolsters and how to choose the right one for you. All you have to do is keep on reading and make sure that you write down all of the important details!of high quality and the most amazing yoga bolsters.

Best Yoga Bolsters Comparison Table

Types of Yoga Bolsters

You have probably read reviews about Hugger mugger bolsters.Or various reviews on Yoga Accessories bolster products and have wondered what is the main difference between them. Well. What you need to know is the fact that when it comes to yoga bolster reviews.You will notice that there are only two main types of these accessories that serve similar purposes.

Round Yoga Bolsters

Round Yoga Bolsters

Round yoga bolsters are usually around 25 inches long and a bit narrower than the rectangular yoga bolsters. At around 9 inches. The thing about round yoga bolsters is that they do somewhat of a different job than the rectangular ones. They do provide some degree of support but given the fact that they are narrower. They also let your body stretch down its sides.

This is obviously. Ideal for those of you who are interested in a better routine that perfectly stretches every single muscle, especially in your back. After all. It is a big difference between lying on a flat surface and on a cylinder. The important thing is for you to know which one of these products you should use. You should also take into account that round yoga bolsters work a lot better on certain poses!than rectangular ones, as it is the case for rectangular yoga bolsters that work better on other poses.

Rectangular Yoga Bolsters

Rectangular Yoga Bolsters

Any rectangular yoga bolster review will tell you that these accessories are also about 25 inches long. However! as opposed to the circular or cylindrical yoga bolsters. These are not only thinner, but wider as well. They have about 12 inches in width and they provide a lot of support for your body. In fact. Lying back on a rectangular yoga bolster might offer you the support that you need. As it is able to cover most of your back.

This will, Without a doubt. Help you out with many different poses and will make a lot of yoga routines a lot easier. What you need to keep in mind. And this also goes for circular yoga bolsters, not only rectangular ones. Is the fact that they can be quite heavy and that you need to check and see just how easy they will be to carry around. Other than that. The rectangular yoga bolster certainly has a lot of potential and can help you out in your yoga sessions.

Yoga Bolster Brands

Like it is the case with many other products and yoga accessories. When making a purchase you also need to take into account the brand you are buying from. In order to make sure that you are getting a high quality product that is going to do its job properly. So here are the main yoga bolster brands that you might want to consider.


Any review on Gaiam bolster products is certainly going to praise the item and the company for such a high quality. In fact! for those of you who don’t already know this. Gaiam is probably one of the best and most amazing brands when it comes to yoga accessories! equipment and similar products. They are responsible for making some of the most durable and reliable yoga mats! yoga clothing and even bolsters.

The company has a lot of experience in manufacturing innovating and highly popular products. They focus on doing a lot of research to make their products desirable! and popular among customers all over the world. They are a leading company on the market at the moment and you can rest assured.That any of their products is going to be absolutely amazing and actually do its job. Other than that! once you purchase one of their bolsters. You can actually look around and browse for other products because you are certainly not going to be disappointed.


Manduka Yoga Bolsters

Manduka is yet another fantastic brand that people know how to appreciate.And whose products always get praised for being durable and reliable. In fact! you might not be able to find a single review on Manduka rectangular bolster products!that has a negative view on the product.

The people at Manduka certainly make sure that their products are made with high quality materials. That they are durable and that they actually do what they are advertised to do. Manduka also specializes in manufacturing a lot of yoga accessories! clothing and equipment and they too have great experience in this field.

The company is working with professionals so that they always come up with relevant and amazing products. And their yoga bolsters make no exception. Although there are a lot of different types of brands available on the market at the moment. There is no secret that Manduka is one of them and that they are also among the most popular brands in this category.

Peace Yoga

When it comes to finding the best bolster for yoga. Then Peace Yoga bolsters is also a brand that you might want to consider. Because they make exceptional products that any yogi would be thrilled to add to his or her collection. Although the company might not be as big as the ones mentioned before it. It still has a lot of potential to become one of the greatest brands available on the market in this sector.

The company is also set on making yoga clothes, accessories and equipment. You might actually want to give their products a look and see what other people have to say about them. As far as I could tell from the online reviews that customers have left on their products. It seems like a great majority of items have been incredibly well received and are considered to work wonders. So if you are wondering which yoga bolster is best? you should definitely include this brand in your research because as it turns out, it is worth it!

Top 5 Yoga Bolsters

No matter if you are looking for the best rectangular yoga bolster or for the best circular yoga bolster. You have certainly come to the right place. Because this is the most comprehensive top 5 of the most amazing yoga bolsters available on the market at the moment. Here is where you can find anything from the best organic yoga bolster to the best hypoallergenic one.

1. Yoga Accessories Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Best Bolster for Yoga 2020Best Bolster for Yoga 2020

The first entry on the list is this absolutely fantastic rectangular yoga bolster manufactured by Yoga Accessories.

This product is impressive from many different reasons, the first one being the fact that it comes from a well respected brand that has always come up with great products that were well received by customers all over the world. The reputation of the brand also translates in a high quality and increased durability of the product.

If you get a chance to read a review on Yoga Direct yoga bolster products, you will see that the two are pretty similar. This one has a removable cotton cover cloth which makes it easier to clean. It has a rectangular, oblong shape and has handles on both ends. It comes in many different colors and models, but it only has a standard size of 24 inches long, 6 inches high and 12 inches wide.

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2. Yoga Accessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

YogaAccessories Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster Reviews

This next product is also manufactured by Yoga Accessories, just to prove just how amazing this brand is. As opposed to the first item, this one is not a rectangular bolster, but a circular one, which serves a different purpose. Again, its main advantage is the fact that it is manufactured by a respectable and trusted brand, which gives customers a bit of extra confidence when it comes to purchasing a new product of this kind.

The bolster is made out of 100% cotton, both the filling and the cover. It has a zippered case that can be removed and which is machine washable. The long and firm cylinder shape is surely going to help you get all the stretching that you need. The bolster has handles on each end and it also comes in a large variety of colors and designs, so you can pick one that matches your mat or your yoga clothing.

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3. Gaiam Rectangular Yoga Bolster

Gaiam Rectangular Yoga Bolster Reviews

There would be no top 5 best yoga bolster products without at least a single mention of Gaiam, and that is because the brand is so popular and so highly regarded that it is almost impossible not to find a high number of online reviews on their products. What you need to know about them is the fact that apart from making amazing mats and other accessories for yoga, they also make high quality bolsters such as this one.

This product supports the body not only during yoga sessions, but during relaxation and meditation as well. It has natural cotton filling and the removable cover is made out of polyester. The great news is that the cover is machine washable. On top of that, the bolster also has handles on each side that make it easier for you to carry it around. It comes in many different colors and prints!

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4. Hugger Mugger Standard Choice Yoga Bolster

Hugger Mugger Standard Choice Yoga Bolster Reviews

This is an exceptional product manufactured by Hugger Mugger, yet another great company that makes yoga related gear. If you get curious and read reviews on Seat of Your Soul bolsters you will see that the two brands are fairly similar and that they abide by the same high quality standards. In any case, this particular bolster has an exceptional firmness that is meant to maintain its structural integrity, regardless of the poses you are interested in trying. One thing that you can count on when it comes to this bolster is the fact that it is highly durable mostly because of the upholstery grade fabric is made with.

The bolster has a flat top and bottom part that are meant to offer the user and increased degree of stability. On top of that, it is ideal for restorative yoga and other similar yoga practices, not to mention the fact that it has conveniently placed handles that are meant to make transportation a lot easier.

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5. Yoga Direct Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

YogaDirect Supportive Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster Reviews

Although it was a tight score between many different brands and bolsters, this one was the final winner of the last place in the top five best bolsters for yoga available on the market at the moment. This brand seems to be making high quality products in general, not only bolsters and that is exactly why they have ended up on the list. The bolster has a removable cover that is machine washable and that can make things a lot easier for you. It has a rectangular, oblong shape and it is 100% made out of cotton.

One great thing about this bolster is the fact that it has handles on both ends, which makes transportation a lot easier, especially for those of you who like to travel a lot. The bolster is 24 inches long, 6 inches high and 12 inches wide. This means that it is more than ideal to offer you the support that you need.

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6. Waterglider International rectangular Pranamaya bolster, Organic Cotton

This is a rectangular bolster made out of organic cotton and with a removable, machine washable cover.

7. Yoga Direct Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolster

The Yoga Direct Supportive round yoga bolster could make a good addition to your yoga accessories and gear.

8. Manduka Enlight Lean Rectangular Yoga Bolster

This seems to be one of the most comfortable yoga bolsters to carry around because of the highly comfortable handle.

9. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

This is a handmade yoga bolster manufactured by Hugger Mugger and it can make most of your poses a lot more stable.

Buying Guide

There are a few things that you need to consider when you want to get a new yoga bolster, and that is simply because there are many low quality products available on the market at the moment and you would not want to end up with one of those.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the type of bolster you need and whether you should get a cylindrical or a rectangular one. The shape of the bolster will certainly influence the way it is working for you

One other thing you need to keep in mind and actually check when buying a new yoga bolster is its weight. If you are not practicing yoga at home and need to carry your gear around then you need to check the weight of every single item or accessory that you buy. Otherwise you might end up in quite an unpleasant situation where you simply have to give up some items that are too large or too difficult to carry around.

Last, but not least, you need to make sure that the bolster you are buying is fitted with sturdy handles so that you don’t have a hard time carrying it around or even using it.


The bottom line is that there are plenty of different types of bolsters, not to mention brands and models that you can buy. When you want to purchase a new product of this kind, all you need to know is that research is key and all you have to do is read everything that there is to be read on the subject matter and you will surely make the right decision.

In any case, you now have a comprehensive review and an in depth analysis of the best yoga bolsters available on the market at the moment. Any of the products above will surely make a great addition to your gear.

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