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Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD

Vinyasa yoga is no easy thing, especially if you are a perfectionist and want to do everything just right. However. If you are an autodidact there is great news for you. One of the best and easiest way to learn is through DVDs. And if you want to learn what is the best Vinyasa Yoga DVD at the moment. Keep on reading in order to find out. I guarantee that not even the best knee pads for yoga won’t be able to contain the excitement of these DVDs.

It actually does not matter if you are a beginner or not. Most vinyasa yoga dvd reviews say that it is suitable both for beginners and for experienced yogis alike.

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Comparison Table

1. Shiva Rea Yoga Shakti

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)This is yet another DVD that features Shiva Rea, one of the best and most iconic yoga instructors worldwide. I particularly like her because the tasks are always simple and easy to understand and she has a way of making you feel like the efforts you are putting in in order to reach or maintain a certain pose are not that big of a deal.

I honestly believe that this is the best vinyasa yoga DVD for beginners because it makes things look and actually feel very easy. However, I do also recommend it to more seasoned yogis who want to try shakti.

2. Shiva Rea: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)As it turns out. There are more types of vinyasa yoga!and this just happens to be the best vinyasa yoga flow review. One of the main reasons that I like this product so much.Is the fact that it promotes seven twenty minutes practices.And it it basically ideal for anyone with a tight schedule and trying to fit exercise in that tight schedule of theirs.

Apart from that. The DVD is said to be responsible for restoring your strength and energy! So get your gear on (you can start with a muse headband review) and get to work!

3. Daphne Larking Vinyasa DVD

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)When it comes to the best vinyasa yoga DVD. There are so many things that you could and should consider that. At a first glance it is basically impossible for you to take any decision. However! this is exactly why this types of lists and reviews are made. So that you can get the proper information.

In any case. This DVD is called Daphne Larkin, vinyasa flow yoga for strength, stability and grace. SO if you are interested in improving either one of those qualities? you should certainly give this dvd a look and see whether or not it is able to help you out!

4. Jenni Rawlings Vinyasa Flow DVD

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)Rarely was a yoga DvD so well received as this one which features Jenni Rawlings. One of the best instructors in the country. The DVD is focused on improving not only strength but stamina as well. It is guaranteed to work and to increase both of your stamina and strength at the same time.

The thing about this style of yoga that I like the most is that it does not feel like you are exercising at all. There is no feeling of exhaustion at the end of the session.And you don’t feel like you are about to be sick from all of that effort.

5. Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review [2020] (Top 5)Although it might sound unusual. Prenatal vinyasa yoga is one of the most normal things that a soon to be mother can opt for. There is no doubt that a birthing mother needs all the help she can get at the moment of the birth. Including meditation and positive energies.

Well. If you include a little bit of stretching and some vinyasa yoga in your day to day schedule.Then you will find that things will be a lot easier. This is mainly because one of the main causes of pain relief is meditation. So a deep breath! and a couple of minutes of vinyasa yoga might work wonders!


Wrapping up our top pick for the best vinyasa DVD has to be Shiva Rea Yoga Shakti. She is an iconic instructor and just makes it feel easy somehow. There are of course plenty of other options out there to help getting you moving forward on your vinyasa goals. But this is our top pick of  Vinyasa Yoga DVD Review.

Which one did you pick? Let us know in the comments!

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