Top 25 Best Meditation Podcasts

with the best meditation podcast Learning or growing your meditation practice can be done anytime. While reading sometimes is a bit much, why not sit back and enjoy one of the best meditation podcasts on the list below. You are sure to learn something from any of these. Try each one out to find the best for you.

1. The Mindful Minute

One of the best meditation podcasts I found is “The Mindful Minute” by Meryl Arnett who has a passion for presenting mindfulness in both movement and stillness in ways accessible to us. The mindful minute is a best guided meditation podcast because Meryl’s way of talking about meditation is unique and folks listening to her can get inspired so easily for meditation. One of my favorite episodes of this podcast was “Meditation + Anxiety

2. Meditation Minis

Next up is “Meditation Minis”. This one is aimed at peace and calm because this meditation podcast helps to get rid of anxiety. In “Let worries and stress drift away” author Chel Hamilton explains how we can unwind stress and feel joyful, calm and relaxed.

3. Meditation for fitness peeps

Another podcast is “Meditation for fitness peeps” by Mery Meckley who is the creator of ‘Sip and Om Meditation App.’ This podcast is purely about meditation, better sleep, and relief from anxiety, simple living, and peaceful life. She also beautifully explains why we should be grateful for everything in life.

4. The Tim Ferris Show

Whether you are entrepreneur or thinking to start your own business. The Tim Ferris Show is for you. He talks about everyday struggles that we encounter in business sector. My favorite episode in his talks is“The Sleep Meditation Podcast”. It is about everyday struggles that we go through. In Tim’s opinion, we should look at our problems and consider our gifts.

5. Den Talks Meditation

“Den talks meditation” by Kevin Bogle is one of the best Buddhist meditation podcasts. He is an emerging teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and in the episode of ‘what to do when you don’t know what to do’ he says sometimes we don’t know what to do. He talks about what happens when we learn to love the questions and where to look when the problems arise.

6. Meditation Oasis

Mary and Richard Maddux have brought over 40 years of practice to their guided meditations and music in “Meditation Oasis.”  The best thing about this meditation podcast is that it has a very soothing and calming effect and affects the nerves positively. It is one of the best relaxing meditation podcasts because this podcast is a goldmine of guided meditations and teaches you how to stay calm, let go of stress, and to be present.

7. The Mindful Podcast

“The Mindful Podcast” by Amber is one fantastic podcast. Amber has got a style for everything whether it’s vegan cooking, omnivorous reading or choosing an area for performing meditation. She loves to be outside surrounded by living greens. In her podcast, she tells about the science-backed benefits of gratitude and reminds us that we have plenty to be grateful for.

8. The Metta Hour Podcast

“The Metta Hour Podcast” by Sharon Salzberg is all about Buddhist meditation practices. In ‘Red love series’ Sharon dialogs to Dr. Emma Seppälä about how love factors into our feelings of happiness and how we can balance taking care of ourselves with giving love to others.

9. The Rebel Guru

The best spirituality meditation podcasts include “Rebel Guru” by Erin in which he tackles all the questions related to self-help meditation books and spiritual guides. This meditation podcast is very helpful for spirituality seekers.

10. A quiet Mind

If you are looking for meditation podcast to help you tame your restless thoughts then “A Quiet Mind” founded by Robert Jackson is a very helpful podcast to help you meditate, relax and quiet your minds.

11. Buddhist Geeks

If you are looking for mixture Buddhism and its intersection with technology and science, then Buddhist Geeks is something you’ll want to listen to. If you are interested even slightest in Buddhism, then this podcast is for you.

12. Hay House Meditations

If you want to relax and rejuvenate through the journey of meditation then “Hay House Meditations” by Marianne Deborah Williamson is for you. In this podcast, Marianne teaches us how to take care of our health, how to heal our body and soul, ways to overcome fears and become strong.

13. Against the Stream

If you are fond of Buddhism, philosophy and punk ideology, “Against the Stream” is the best meditation podcast for you. This podcast is by Noah Levine.

14. Robert Thurman Podcast

“Robert Thurman Podcast” is one of the great meditation podcasts which are readily accessible to those not familiar with Buddhism. Robert is very engaging while being straight forward in this podcast. This podcast is worth a listen.

15. 10% happier Podcast

If you are looking for an impeccable dosage of motivation and enlightenment, then you should check “10% happier podcast” by Dan Harris. This meditation podcast features very insightful interviews with entrepreneurs, meditation gurus, and bestselling authors.

16. Alan Watts Podcast

The best Zen meditation podcast is “Alan Watts Podcast.” This podcast is a series of lectures given by Alan Wilson Watts which spans around religion and spirituality. This podcast is also a great way to expand your understanding of life. Personally I am a huge fan of Alan Watts.

17. Buddha at the gas pump

‘Buddha at the Gas Pump’ by Rick Archer is all about everyday folks who have practiced advanced states of mindfulness. This podcast gives you a lot of inspiration along your spiritual path.

18. Yoked Podcast

Yoked Podcast by Kelly Sunrose is another cool one. If you are interested in the revelation of your sacred nature and ideas surrounding yoga and meditation, then give it a try. After listening, you will feel great.

19. The greater good podcast

“The Greater Good Podcast” is produced by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and hosted by Michael Bergeisen indicates how science can benefit us all live a significant life. This podcast displays half-hour interviews with chief scholars on the topics of sympathy, decency, and contentment.

20. Invisibilia

If you are iPhone user and looking for best meditation podcast then “Invisibilia” from NPR is for you. This podcast combines scientific research and narrative storytelling to describe the invisible forces of life that drive human behavior.

21. Meditation Station

Another very nice meditation podcast for an iPhone user is “Meditation Station” by Stin Hansen. It is a series of guided meditations to help you let go of stress, anxiety, and find peace in your life.

22. Dharmaseed Podcast

“Dharmaseed Podcast” offers many talks on both awareness, understanding of life, and Metta meditation practices. If you are fascinated by such meditations, then you will discover some significance here.

23. Awake in the world Podcast

Best mindfulness podcast which is “The Awake in the World Podcast” proposes a diverse selection of talks, from mindfulness meditation to unraveling mental health problems, and to social change. If you are considering ways to incorporate mindfulness into your hectic life, then this podcast is a must for you.

24. Inspire Nation

It is one of best meditation podcast. It covers a lot of topics like meditation, spirituality, and the law of attraction. This podcast is best to find inspiration everybody needs to live the best possible life.

25. My Thought Coach

“My Thought Coach” is the second podcast by Stin Hansen and is one of the best-guided meditation podcasts. This podcast has a series of mantras that will assist you in getting back control of your mind and help you in making your dream life.


What did you think of our list? Did we get everyone in there that is good? Did we miss someone? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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