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Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat Review


If practicality and style are equally important to you in a yoga mat. You’ve come to the right place; for out of the plethora different kinds of mats available. No other brand and make does this better. A wide variety of yoga practitioners know this already – they’ve all come across the Aurorae brand. And got hooked almost immediately . This Aurorae Synergy yoga mat review takes a good look at one of their three great mats. But first! let’s find out a bit about the brains behind the magic.

Aurorae are an active lifestyle company who specialise in top grade yoga accessories. The business was founded in 2009 by cancer survivor Dennis Ingui. Who started practising yoga to help rebuild his health; Soon! he decided to create innovative, top-of-the-range yoga mats and towels; his efforts paid off. And made Aurorae one of the top companies in the sector. Let’s look at how this product compares to those of competitor brands on the market.

Why Should This Mat Have A Place In Your Life?

Aurorae synergy yoga mat reviews

If you! like the authors of several hundred Aurorae Synergy yoga mat reviews on Amazon.Have tried anywhere between five to fifteen mats in search of the perfect one. Your quest may end here too, because the Aurorae Synergy yoga mat seems to have answered a prayer of yoga practitioners from all over the world.

How? First of all. After years of having to put towels down on their mats! then tripping and getting tangled up in them. And having to constantly stop and rearrange the things. Here is a mat comes with its own integrated luxury-grade towel. Beautifully stitched all around. Giving excellent grip. Continuing to smell great even after three or four sessions. Pleasantly surprising customers who bought two! thinking of letting one dry for several days after being washed while using the other.

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Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat Review

Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat Review

Aurorae Synergy yoga mat reviews on Amazon praise it for being 100% eco-friendly. Which is more and more of a selling point in the 21st century. But this is just the start – its other features are no less appealing:

  • It’s made of a durable! biodegradable high quality resin.
  • Easy to clean and care for.
  • It dries quickly (hang-dry only).
  • Edges do not fray! main body maintains uniform thickness over time.
  • Has a generous 72’’x 24’’ size, ideal for even taller yoga practitioners.
  • Comes in five vibrant colours (amethyst, emerald, lapis, onyx, and sapphire).
  • Combines a 5 mm patented PER base mat with an absorbent top layer
  • US patent protected.
  • Easily on the same level with their competition.
  • Carries a two-year guarantee.

Here is a seasoned yoga practitioner (no doubt someone who has tried her fair share of yoga mats) giving her recommendation:

What Are Its Most Popular Pros?

Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat Review

Like all Aurorae products. Their Synergy yoga mats are made with the utmost care. Which inevitably shows up in the reams and reams of glowing reviews they receive on Amazon. Many going as far s calling it the Cadillac of yoga mats. Most Aurorae Synergy yoga mat reviews praise it for its non-slip surface. Wishing they’d happened upon it far sooner. Almost as many were taken aback by how durable it was; one person bought theirs in August 2013, and used it 2-3 times every week since; that’s around 300 washes and yoga classes. Yet the mat has held up perfectly! and looks almost brand new.

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…And hidden Cons?

Every product that’s ever been has one or two drawbacks. Inevitably, and the Aurorae Synergy mat is no exception. However trifling those faults might be. Nevertheless! they should be included in a balanced product description like this Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat Review; reviewers on Amazon. In the main, had only minor things to list here. One of them being that you can’t wipe the mat clean – it’s a wash-only item.

Aurorae Yoga Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel Combination Video Review


I’m willing to wager that you won’t be especially surprised if I reiterate my glowing assessment of Aurorae here. Each and every aspect of their products is crafted with thoughtful care to provide you with a superior quality companion for your practice. Being one of these products. The Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat represents outstanding value for money and I would recommend that you treat yourself to one as soon as you can. To help you pick the right one for you. I have written separate reviews for all three mats; next up is the aurorae classic yoga mat review.

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