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Melissa Hall Yoga Teacher Hey there and Welcome

Hey there and Welcome!
About Us. I’m  Melissa and I’m the author of My Free Yoga. We started back in 2009 as a resource for people needing advice on yoga and yoga products. Today we are working harder then ever to cover every product related to yoga to help you on your yoga journey.

I would also love to share my personal yoga journey and experiences with you all. I believe that this would help enrich people lives and finally find that sense of both physical and mental fulfillment. My family has a strong a yoga background, with many in my family being passionate yoga teachers. This is were i began my spiritual yoga journey with educational and playful lessons as a child.

As an adult, i traveled to India and completed my yoga teacher training for Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga. Currently i’m based in Melbourne, Australia. I would to offer as a way to share my practice with others.

Yoga as Always Played a Big Part In My life

Yoga has always played a big part in my life. It has taught me so much about my spirituality and inner peace. For example sometimes you need just to step back and take a deep breath, and release, all your negative energies an regain that inner peace and balance. Throughout a class, i enjoy setting a strong focus on mindfulness and deep conscious breathing. I strive to help everyone discover their own practice, one that is right for their body and their own personal goals.

I strongly believe that the body is a temple and as a teacher, let me and my team help guide you on your yoga journey today. We will be updating new and exciting products as often as possible and hopefully having the change to test out personally before posting review So once again Hey there and Welcome! to