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6 Key Features of a Yoga Retreat Venue


6 Key Features of a Yoga Retreat Venue. Running a successful yoga retreat where your guest leave feeling clear, calm, and centered is no mean feat.

It requires meticulous and intentional planning. Harmonious cooperation with a team of facilitators and staff. Masterful execution of both yoga and supplementary sessions. And many a time an additional sprinkle of divine intervention. 

Perhaps one of the first considerations that comes to your mind when thinking about running a yoga retreat is where should I host the event?

Venue selection goes along way in creating the type of mood and atmosphere of the yoga event you wish to create.

So. it’s important that you get the venue selection right. By doing so you may find the rest of the planning simply falls into place. 

Be Clear and Know What You Want

Before we dive deep into the important features of a yoga retreat venue. It’s important to first get clear about the kind of yoga event you wish to create. Think about the experience you want your guests to have.

How many days will your retreat be? Who will be attending? How many guests will you have? What is important to your guests? What will their budget be.

These questions can serve as a great starting point to better understanding your guests better and the kind of experience you would like your guests to have.

You can even do a little visualization exercise to help you really get an understanding of what it is you wish to create. Once you are clear about these points it’ll make choosing a yoga retreat venue much easier.

6 Important Features of a Yoga Retreat Venue

Now that you’ve gotten clear about what kind of yoga retreat you wish to create. Let’s look at some of the important features to look for in great yoga retreat venue.

Keep in mind some of these features may not be applicable to the specific type of event you wish to create. 

Yoga Space

It goes without saying unless there is an appropriate space to conduct yoga sessions the venue is unsuitable. However! there are some considerations many first-time yoga instructors and retreat organizers often overlook. 


Size of the Space

The size of the space can limit the potential number of guests. Unless there are multiple spaces to conduct yoga sessions simultaneously your maximum number of guests will be limited to the size of the space.

Is the Space Purpose Built for Yoga?

Many venues are purpose built for yoga. they have rooms, pillows, mats, and wireless microphones, speakers, and anything else you can image. All purpose built for running yoga sessions.

Unfortunately. Many such venues are often booked out year-round. However! if you think outside of the box. you may find alternative group accommodation venues which can be made suitable for yoga sessions with very little additional effort required. 

Outdoor Space

How many yoga spaces does the retreat venue have? Does it have an outdoor space which would be well suited for conducting outdoor sessions? 

Heating and Cooling?

Depending on where and when you host your yoga retreat you may wish to have control of the climate within the space. Check to see if the venue has heating and cooling options available in the yoga space.

Natural Surroundings

The words serene. Peaceful. Calm are often closely associated with the natural environment. The natural world has an innate ability to instill those aforementioned qualities in us humans in a subtle yet profound way.

Since this is a yoga retreat your organizing. From opposed to a 90 min yoga class. It’s probably a good idea to look for a venue which is immersed in a natural environment. 

Exclusive Access

When enquiring about yoga retreat venues it’s important to ask whether you will have exclusive access to the venue. Or whether you’ll have to share the space with other groups too.

Some larger venues hire their premises to multiple groups at the one time. This can prove to be an issue.

As outsiders often alter the energy of the yoga retreat which you as an organizer put a lot of thought and intention into trying to create a certain energy and atmosphere.

Additionally. Your serenity may be interrupted by children. Noise levels! and or alcohol consumption of other groups.


If your event is going to be a short weekend retreat? You wouldn’t expect your guests to catch a 3-hour flight then drive 5 hours to the middle of nowhere.

Just to attend your retreat no matter how serene the peaceful the environment is.

  It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your guest. And determine what is an appropriate length of time to travel to get to the venue. Perhaps you may want to consider how accessible the yoga retreat venue is. Is it easy access via public transportation as well. 

Proximity to Nearby Attractions

Depending on the type of yoga retreat you wish to create you may wish to incorporate other supplementary activities to your schedule. Think nature walks. Cultural activities. Outings.

Among other benefits. These supplementary activities can serve as a time for introspection and reflection as well as a time for learning and appreciation.

If there are any other supplementary activities you wish to include as part of your schedule. It’s a good idea to scope out whether or not the retreat venue has those types of activities on site or nearby. 

Accommodation Arrangements

Depending upon the type of guests you are targeting will determine the most suitable accommodation options for you.

Many higher end purpose-built retreat venues will have rooms which feature a double bed complete with ensuite.

If you’re on a budget or seeking a minimalist accommodation approach. You could see if there are any school camps available to hire.

As these venues often present as excellent venues for a minimalist yoga retreat. 

There are many elements that come together to create a successful and memorable yoga retreat. Yoga retreat venue selection goes a long way in setting up the ideal environment and space for your guests.

Dedicated yoga space. Natural surroundings. Exclusive access to the venue. Accessibility. Proximity to nearby local attractions and accommodation arrangements are some key things to look out for when scoping out yoga retreat venues.

Now that your enlightened on some of the key features to look out for you’ll be able to quickly and clearly make the right choice for your yoga retreat. 

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