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5 Ways To Find Happiness Through Yoga


5 Ways To Find Happiness Through Yoga. Tried everything from Indian ashrams to exhausting Tibet mountain climbs? Searched free hookup sites and bought all the luxury cars you dreamed of and still not feeling happy enough? What if we tell you that happiness is a natural state and you don’t need to search for it? Interested?

Think of this – have you ever seen a depressed baby?  Babies are just happy. In contrast, grow-ups can complain for hours about some external things that make them stressed and neurotic.

So what’s the trick do babies know about happiness? There is no secret – the joy is inside you; it’s your authentic inner state from the beginning of your life. And this can be lost as you grow older due to different reasons.  So if you are trying to get back to that condition, yoga is a great tool to bring back the loss to you. 

What is Happiness in Yoga?

Yogis take happiness as the state of contentment (with positive effects on body processes too). They also call it santosha and believe you can achieve it by practicing yoga techniques every day.

Let’s have a closer look at how that can be done and what it takes? 

How Does Yoga Increase Happiness?

In translation from Sanskrit, “yoga” means – to unite, to connect. Regular, consistent work with your breath and muscles helps reestablish the lost connection between your body and mind. Thus, practicing yoga results in an improved psychological state, a calmer state of mind, and a general feeling of well-being and happiness.
5 Ways To Find Happiness Through Yoga 5

Physical activity

you perform in a yoga class helps reduce stress and increase endorphin levels in your blood. Serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin parameters are proven to rise after physical activity, including doing yoga postures. 

Get it Done!

A pleasant feeling of accomplishing challenging asanas or practicing hot yoga sequences can make you proud of yourself. This is not very good from the yoga philosophy’s point of view but is inspiring if you want to feel better today. 

Breathe Out The Stress

·. If you are tight, stiff, breathing like you are stressed – you are in constant tension, which does not feel like happiness at all. A relaxed body, improved digestion, increased flexibility will give you a better way of living in your body and more knowledge about how it feels.

Here and Now Thing

The ability to be present here and now helps you be more focused and aware of what’s going on in you and around you. You become aware of your wishes, intentions, and emotions. And you become tuned with yourself and the world. 


When there is too much rushing – you fail to notice good things you already have in your life. So the practice of gratitude is one way to help you simply start noticing reasons to be happy and grateful for.

Stay Inside

· .  Fast life pace, deadlines, and obligations you may have in your life move your focus from inside to outside. Thus, your attention is no longer inside you. Practicing yoga drives your engagement back to the process of “you doing asanas,” shifting your focus from the external objects to the internal experience. Thus, it makes happiness something that stays inside and cannot be taken from you.

 Tips for practicing yoga for happiness: what posture to use?

Find Happiness Through Yoga. Use these simple postures to bring back the happy condition to your life.

If you are feeling low, use inversions or headstands

These are great poses to beat depression and bad mood. Activation of emotional centers in the limbic cortex positively affects your emotional state and balances mood.

NOTE: This posture is to be used strictly following the guidelines for practicing yoga of an experienced instructor.

To relax and calm down, use forward folds

Seated or standing forward folds combined with deep yoga breathing will help soften the tension of your muscles. If you go for longer posture holds (3-15min), you’ll get a relaxing effect on deeper tissue like fascia and joints.

To reduce anxiety, expand your chest

Include chest expansion exercises into your regime to stop stress from soaking all your strengths. Use chest opening drills or asanas like Camel pose or backbends if you’re practicing yoga for mental wellbeing. 

To reduce fear in your life – relax your lower back. 

When you experience fear, the lower back muscles group is tightened and shortened, which can cause lower back pain in the future. At the end of a long day, relax your psoas major muscles with simple stretches. Psoas connects the legs and spine, so its tension may lead to soreness in the knees, hips, and sciatica. 

And finally, use simple meditation techniques to clean up your mind from mental garbage.

To Find Happiness Through Yoga? You may have noticed that at the end of the day, you can hardly rest your mind, and your thoughts keep growling in your head. So, no chances for your body to rest.  Add some meditation techniques to your pre-sleep routines, and you’ll see the change. The recent research proves that even a short meditation brings deep relaxation and peace.

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