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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Body for Yoga

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Body for Yoga

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Body for Yoga. Yoga offers excellent mental and physical benefits noticeable in everyday life; however, you can also do extra strengthening work to improve your yoga body. As Yoga is predominantly strength via bodyweight, doing additional strengthening with kettlebells, dumbbells and resistance bands can work muscles differently. 

How to strengthen your mind body and soul. Activating or building muscle through a mixture of activities will see your body strength improve on an already sound foundation yoga has created and offer variety in your weekly routine. No matter which strengthening activity you choose to add to your exercising week, they will undoubtedly help you each time you return to the yoga mat.

How To Improve Your Upper Body Strength?

Strengthen your body and mind. Some people misunderstand strength training with bodybuilding and the image of jacked gym-goers doing their best to lift the heaviest weight possible. Sure, they are strong and need strength training; however, it is not the main purpose. Simply put, Strength training improves the strength of a specific muscle or a muscle group by free weights, bodyweight or resistance training. 

Yoga definitely falls into the category of strength training with its countless bodyweight positioning and holds boosting muscle power, and so do many other free weight and resistance exercises. Like everything in life, diversifying and moderation is essential, so taking a varied and cohesive approach can do wonders to progress your overall strength.

What does strength training do to your body? Strength training also has many other benefits than just adding muscle mass. It also aids bone health and chronic disease management, helps to burn calories and manage weight, and boosts overall physical and mental well-being. So if you’re looking to add to your Yoga routine, try some of these strengthening ideas below.

Here are 3 ways to strengthen your body for Yoga


3 Ways to Strengthen Your Body for Yoga
3 Ways to Strengthen Your Body for Yoga 5

Kettlebells are an excellent all-in-one tool that helps with all aspects of body fitness. The diversity of kettlebell exercises help strengthen muscles, boost endurance, fine-tune balance and enhance flexibility. You are probably thinking, so does yoga, which is precisely why kettlebells are an excellent option for yoga lovers.

Kettlebells complement the work yoga does, and when they are used in tandem can lead to significant improvements. The versatility of kettlebells means they can be used anywhere and by anyone. 

Furthermore, there is no need to cram your tranquil home yoga setting with bulky and unattractive equipment; you can just add a neat kettlebell or two to bring into your weekly routine without fuss. You can perform endless exercises with one tool rather than spend money on many different pieces of equipment, knowing a simple kettlebell can provide similar results. 

Kettlebells are best for:

Improving overall strength, balance, endurance and flexibility to complement your yoga body and progression. 

Traditional free weights

Three Ways to Strengthen Your Body for Yoga

When we talk about traditional free weights, we mean the ever-faithful dumbbells and barbells. The simplistic nature of a bar with Balanced weights on either end works excellently, with different exercises and weights used to build, tone, shape and strengthen muscle.

A benefit of free weights is equalizing strength across your body to prevent imbalance. In bodyweight exercises, a person may favor the dominant side of the body and unconsciously allow it to take a more significant load. In contrast, free weights ensure we load our body equally for wholesome and balanced muscle growth.

While on the topic of balance, traditional free weights require balance and control to perform repetitions, which will help with concentration and control when holding yoga positions. 

And it must also be said that yoga tends to tone rather than build muscle. Some may desire a little more muscle size, and there is nothing wrong with that. Using free weights in partnership with your yoga schedule will help build muscles and give a more muscular aesthetic than the typical athletic look of a yoga body. 

Traditional free weights are best for:

Adding muscle size and ensuring an equalized body strength for greater power come yoga time.

Resistance Bands

Three Ways to Strengthen Your Body for Yoga

Resistance bands are an exercise tool to help strengthen and stretch your muscles to improve athletic performance, injury recovery, or general well-being. Various types of resistance bands offer different outcomes depending on the exercise being performed, the tension of the band, and the frequency of use.

The main advantage of resistance band strengthening is that there is less chance of injury due to no heavy weights being used and less impact on joints while exercising. This also allows any individual with an injury or joint pain to continue exercising, keeping strength in certain muscles until they return to other strengthening training.

Resistance bands are also an excellent tool to activate your core. The band’s tension requires you to stabilize and control your core movements to prevent them from snapping. As any yogi will tell you, core strength is a great asset when practicing yoga, meaning a simple and cost-effective resistance band can give you an edge when yoga time comes around.

Resistance bands are best for:

Toning muscle, activating the core and improving control with minimal impact on the body and joints to boost yoga performance.


These are 3 ways to strengthen your body for yoga to increase your overall strength, improve well-being, add variety into your weekly exercise routine, and boost your performance when you hit the yoga mat. Whether you want a kettlebell for an all-in-one approach, some free weights to add size and balance or choose a resistance band for less impactful exercises, all options will undoubtedly help strengthen your body for Yoga.

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